Top health habits to steal from women


Although most men are more than familiar with their overall appearance, many are less than vigilant when it comes to looking out for signs of health changes and may pay less heed to their bodies? signals than women. To keep your health in good condition it is important to pay attention to your skin (making note particularly of any changes in size, shape or colour of moles) and perform self checks for signs of testicular cancer. By getting to know your body, you will start to become more intuitively aware of the state of your wellbeing.

For a lot of men, exercise routines are focused exclusively on bulking up and improving body shape. However, you may be missing out on lots of the health benefits other more female-dominated forms of exercise can offer. To help boost your mental and emotional wellbeing , try supplementing your usual routine with a gentler holistic exercise such as Pilates, yoga or Tai Chi. As well as keeping you physically fit, these exercises have many great benefits such as improving posture; increasing energy levels; boosting flexibility, strength and stamina; improving concentration and reducing stress levels.

Just as it is important to track any changes in your body, it is equally as essential that you act on any possible symptoms by visiting your doctor about any concerns you may have. However, while women are generally good at getting regular check-ups, many men are guilty of ignoring their symptoms, possibly due to fear or denial of health risks. It is never worth taking a chance on your health, so put your mind at rest by giving your doctor a visit, no matter how small you think the risk may be.

While most women will happily let their guard down and communicate their troubles to their friends, many men are afraid of appearing vulnerable by opening up to others and showing how they really feel. However, not only will sharing your troubles help you gain support and bond with others, but crying can also help your body to release stress. So, next time you are feeling emotional, whether due to a bad day or a weepy movie, why not let those tears flow ? your health will thank you for it!

Many men centre their workouts around weight lifting and building up muscle, while women are more likely to opt for cardio exercise to help with weight loss. In fact, neither option is ideal as both types of exercise should make up a well-rounded fitness routine. Whether or not you want to lose weight, aerobic exercise is essential for heart health, so take a lesson from the girls and try swapping the occasional weight lifting session for a cardio workout to help improve your health and physique.

It?s a well known fact that most women like to be pampered and groomed, while men are a little more reticent to give grooming a go. Whether you care about your appearance or not, proper skin care (which includes using an SPF) is important for your health, as is looking after your nails to prevent fungal infections. If you want to go the whole hog and give your body a pampering treat, a massage can also do wonders for your health. With benefits including reduced back pain, detoxification and an increased sense of well-being, this is definitely not just a treat for the girls.

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