Topless Protesters Break into Invitation-Only Gathering

Topless Ukrainian protesters were detained last Saturday while trying to crash an exclusive gathering of international CEOs and political leaders to address the world’s perennial problem of poverty.

Separately, demonstrators claiming to be members of the Occupy organization marched to the site of the gathering and had a dispute with the police.

After a tedious journey to finally reach the closely guarded Swiss resort town of Davos, the Ukrainians protesters arrived at the entrance to the complex where the World Economic Forum takes place every year.

Despite the freezing temperatures, they took off their tops and attempted to climb the fence before they were caught.

Thomas Hobi, Davos police spokesman, said that the three topless protesters are from the Ukrainian group Femen.  The women were detained in the nearest police station but were released later Saturday.

They topless demonstrators explained that they did their protest act to represent the poor who have no clothes to wear and food to eat “because of these rich people who now sit in the building.”

Activists from the Occupy movement started their rally on Wall Street on Saturday, “asking assistance for the needy.”  Later, a small group separated from the rally and walked toward the gathering, prompting the police officers to immediately set up a mobile barrier.

The Ukrainian demonstrators chanted mottos and raised placards which displayed anti-capitalist slogans.  They engaged in a violent confrontation with the police that resulted in a car’s rear window being smashed. The Ukrainian police officers used pepper spray against the activists and were able to detain seven people.

Source Empowered News



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