The festival scheduled to take place in August 20, in Accra would cover full operational techniques both theory and practical in operating a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Participants would be treated to live band music to stimulate the learning whilst climbing the Aburi, Ayi-Mensah steep and rough hills with seasoned instructors from Toptech, South African counterparts, and Ex-Military Officers.

Mr Cecil Ebow Garbrah, Executive Director of Toptech Transport and Logistics who launched the festival, said to drive a vehicle off-road, requires a set of different skills, and to travel off road reliably, the vehicle that is most effective is a four-wheel drive with a low range gear in the transfer case.

“This enables the vehicle to be driven at a very slow pace allowing for the suspension and the tyres to cope with the varying conditions,” he added.

He said many companies and organisations have purchased a lot of four-wheel drive vehicles, which are under-utilised, and the festival would teach participants how to drive through very rough and hilly conditions, driving through lakes and lagoons and driving through very sandy conditions.

Mr Garbrah said the use of incorrect techniques develops into poor skills and improper practices as well as misuse of the vehicle.

“Poor driving habits for either a two-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle can unknowingly increase your maintenance costs considerably, but in the case of the 4WD, the repercussions can be expensive, and at most life threatening”.

He explained that motorists who drive a four-wheel vehicle are operating a vehicle that is anywhere from 500-1500kg heavier, wider and much larger in size, with a higher centre of gravity, than a two -wheel drive vehicle.

Mr Garbrah said his outfit trains drivers to appreciate road rules and operating a 4WD vehicle in off road required a different type of course to teach the driver on how to handle most potential off road hazards.

He said Toptech has recently completed training for more than 200 drivers from the World Bank and IFC Africa.

The participants were taught in drivers’ responsibilities, First Aid, trauma care and prevention, World Bank road safety policy for drivers, security awareness in driving, factors and causes of road crashes.

He said at the end of the programme, participants would be expected to gain experience in the techniques of handling the four-wheel drive vehicle at all terrains as well as gain confidence in driving in all terrains.

Four-Wheel drivers are encouraged to log on to www.toptechghana.com for registration.

Source: GNA/News Ghana



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