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Torgbi Akwaah III, The Reigning Dutor of Alakple in the Volta Region

Torgbi Akwaah Iii Dutor Of Alakple
Torgbi Akwaah Iii Dutor Of Alakple

Torgbi Akwaah III, Dutor of Alakple is from the “Dome Division” of the Anlo State. He recently rose to fame again when the struggles for the installation and coronation of Torgbiga Wenya III, Dutor of Anlo Kingdom and Mamaga Abui Buiekpor II, Mamaga of Anlo Kingdom came to “light”.

He fought like a lion and distinguished himself to the admiration of both the young and the old, those who like him and those who dislike him. And this has made some of us to explore his stool name and the current occupant, Torgbi Akwaah III, Dutor of Alakple.

Frankly, it has been revealed that, he just rose to the occasion as his Forefathers in different circumstances did when it was most needed and urgent to show valour and bravery. They carved a niche for themselves and led Alakple town formerly known as “Afukpodzi” as the “Dutor”. Which originated from the then widely known name “Dutor Akorli” who was Torgbi Akwaah I.

According to oral literature, the bravery of Torgbi Akwaah III’s ancestors is best encapsulated in the appellation of the Name “Akwaah”: “Kaletɔ daʋa matsia’ ʋa, Ŋditsi aku aga ku akea. Eʋua di teti kapieɖi, Elo ta kuku be ye ɖua amewo, ye wua amewo, ɖua agbagbeawo. Aʋadewu enyo pɛ gake, klenɔwo be ɖo ƒe mele aʋa wua nu o. Aʋa de wu yi gbɔ, klenɔwo kpɔ ɖoƒe. Ke emea katã vɔvɔe”.

Loosely translated as; “The brave one went to war and returned safely, Nuditsi shall die and die again. The war drum sounded and people ridiculed, the head of a dead crocodile says it has bitten the masses, killed many, and killed the living. War drum is apparently good but, the cowards say it is already full and they can’t join. However, when the war drum returned, the cowards have found a space to join. Well, that is a display of cowardice.”

This show of bravery as captured above made “Torgbi Akwaah’s” name “inked” in the annals of the paramount chiefs of Anlo. Because, one of them can never be mentioned without his name. It takes only a great chief of valour and courage to achieve the feat that “Torgbi Akwaah” achieved during the time that the powers of that paramount chief was absolute and feared.

Among the Anlos, apart from an ancestral stool is only your laurels at war that can give you a war stool. And “Torgbi Akwaah” like all known chiefs of Anlo land has this and is always on display during a section of any installation process of their chief.

They are proud of it and do not hide it like others allegedly do in Alakple under the pretence of “it is not supposed to be seen by people”. But instead used “Ehozie”. In fact, “Ehozie medua fia o”. “Ehozie” is the third stool but is not for installation, but owned by some wealthy people in the past.

History allegedly has it that, some raising their shoulders in Alakple today have no war stools; but only “Avanyevi” deity. And therefore, allegedly sit on “Avanyevi” deity. This beats my imagination as an observer. How can this be in Anlo land?

A brief research discovered, “Avanyevi” deity is a god, which some call “Egu”, comprising mostly with materials made with iron, and it normally moves with “Ade”. And they are mostly owned by old hunters. Further searches revealed that most people who have War Stools mostly have “Avanyevi” and “Ade”.

However, it has been factually established that most people also have “Avanyevi” and “Ade” but do not have War Stools among the Anlos.

“Avanyevi” is prayed to with “softer drinks”, Edzatsi, etc, and “Ade” is prayed to with “deha”, “Aliha”, “Dzorkortorbi”, etc. Sometimes for some specific purposes, strong drinks are used for “Ade”. And usually, white cock is used as a sacrifice to both of them, though others also prefer other animals.

However, in most stool houses, sacrifices are made to the war Stool with Ram, Goat, Schnapps and sometimes “evi” for consultations, etc. So therefore, if you have only “Avanyevi” deity, scholars firmly argued that you are not a chief. Otherwise, what is my uncle, Hunor Kpormegladadio waiting for to become a chief ?

Alakple town used to be called “Afukpodzi”. It was named after the “Afu Deity”, which is a god left behind by Torgbiga Wenya for his children; Tsatsu Adzayi, Akaga and Awanyedor. And “Torgbi Akwaah” was a descendant of Tsatsu Adzayi and today we have Torgbi Akwaah III, Dutor of Alakple.

One legendary story has it that, when the white missionaries first came to Afukpodzi/Alakple, the “Afu Deity” saw them as enemies and attacked them by blurring their vision. But were freed after rituals were performed.

This is exactly how the “Owner of the land” protects its people not hiding. I dare quiz, if even the indigenous name of your town was named after your Deity, then who can question you as the “Dutor” of that town?

Apart from the Afu Deity, they also came with “Mama Hlorbietornu” and later their descendants discovered the “Agbo deity”. Till today, Torgbi Akwaah III is the reigning Dutor of Alakple.

Torgbi Akwaah III is from the Loafe Clan of Anlo State and the following distinguished Chiefs all over the 36 States of Anlo and beyond are his Clan’s men:

They are; Torgbi Addo, Torgbi Gawu, Torgbi Kpemini Gawu, Torgbi Damadzi, Torgbi Akaba, Torgbi Atakpa, Torgbi Zoworda, Torgbi Agamatsu, Torgbi Awusi Okpatah, Torgbi Kpodo Adzi, Torgbi Amadzi, Torgbi Dali, Torgbi Efu, Torgbi Ahiabor, Torgbi Tsivoli, Torgbi Adzoka, Torgbi Adoblanui and Torgbi Agbowli.

Others are; Torgbi Atsu Adrakah, Torgbi Kporvuvu, Torgbi Awukey, Torgbi Lodonu, Torgbi Gbekle, Torgbi Kpoda, Torgbi Korwu Vitor, Torgbi Hanyra, Torgbi Ganyrakpo, Torgbi Gbodzoe, Torgbi Agbana, Torgbi Abordzi, Torgbi Adela-Akpa, Torgbi Ashiagbor, Torgbi Akukorme, Torgbi Adzomani Bleku, Torgbi Akpobi, Torgbi Agbogbate, Torgbi Atsagli, Torgbi Dzoglimate, Torgbi Goka, Torgbi Adonu, Torgbi Zowonu, Torgbi Agbetsoamedo, Torgbi Aglanu among others. As the elders say, “Enu me xla fia o”.

It is however, clear that some clans and families in Anlo land were short-changed and denied of their rights and positions. What happened to “Atorgolo” of the “Like” clan?

He was denied some positions and responsibilities for some reasons. Meanwhile, he played an unprecedented gallant role for the Anlos. I only hope is not what I am thinking. Some Authors even wrote, “members of his clan are the carpenters for Anlos”. How?

Thankfully, in Alakple today, by the interventions of providence, even some opposing Authors admitted in their own books that, they were once conquered and “rule” by the ancestors of Torgbi Akwaah III, the reigning Dutor of Alakple. So according to the masses, they should be reminded that, they were Conquered and they remain Conquered.

By Charles Atsyatsya

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