Torgbi Fiti leads delegation to “Dunenyo Za” Festival in Lome

Torgbi Amenya Fiti V
Torgbi Amenya Fiti V

Torgbi Amenya Fiti, V Paramount Chief and President of the Aflao Traditional Council, on Saturday, August 19, led a delegation of Divisional and Sub Chiefs as well as Queen mothers from the area to a colourful durbar to climax activities which marked the 2023 celebration of “Dunenyo Za” (Festival) in the Togolese capital, Lome.

The festival is celebrated annually by the Chiefs and people of Aflao and their counterparts from Bé and Agoenyive in the republic of Togo.

The Ghanaian delegation was made up of Torgbi Nii Kpambi Vedzesu V, Divisional Chief of Aflao-Teshie, Torgbi Nyakeli Tortsofia VII of Wudoaba, Torgbi Akoto V, Torgbi Ekpe Larbi II, Torgbi Akoto Azando and Torgbi Teworda.

The rest are, Torgbi Amenyo Degbedzayi III, Torgbi Hor, Torgbi Atsikpa, Torgbi China, Torgbi Zogbla Dumega Adzale and Fiator Ben Henyo and Dumega Ben Ziga.

Speaking at the durbar, Torgbi Fiti reiterated the importance of promoting the cultural values and traditions of Africa which united us as a people from a common ancestry with a common destiny.

The Daxo of Aflao said it was time to go back and fetch what had been left behind.

“Africans must go back and fetch what has been left behind – we must as a matter of necessity revive our cultural and traditional values that identify us as Africans and imbibe those values into the younger generation,” he said.

Torgbi Fiti observed that the younger generation of Africans, nowadays, do not take keen interest in the African culture, traditions and values, but rather clinch to western or foreign cultures to the detriment of their own and called for a change in the status quo.

Torgbi Fiti who is President of the Forum of Kings and Traditional Leaders of Africa, called on African governments to see traditional leaders as integral stakeholders in the affairs of development and progress of the continent and to collaborate with them towards effective governance and continental cohesion and development.

The festival was also graced by Chiefs from the Togolese side including, Torgbi Mawutor Dzidzorli Detu X of Aflao Gakli, Torgbi Agboli Adzale VI of Amutinu, Torgbi Mawuko Adela Aklassou IV of Bé, Torgbi Dosseh Houkpeto IV of Zangera and Torgbi Helou Kodjo Sedzro IV of Agoenyive.

The rest are, Torgbi Xorla Kpodo Drah IV of Togblekope, Torgbi Djidjo Agbotro Logbo IV of Legbassito, Torgbi Kormla Hossou Ahiagbede IV of Vakpossito and Torgbi Assimadji Wodenou II of Adetikope.

The festival was celebrated on the theme: “Promoting and safeguarding our traditional and cultural values towards freedom and human rights for all.”

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