The Tourism Within

wpid-tourism1.jpgtourism, tourism, perhaps i should start by commenting that here in Ghana, we are extremely fond of organizing bags of conferences, retreats, seminars, parleys and summits.We always feel elated to love to constitute investigative panels, but after all said and all finite conclusion we have never shown any unflagging interest in making use of the decisions and recommendations emanating from such conferences, retreats, seminars, panels and summits.I therefore fervently pray to God to please help and in fact compel us to make this summit different.Make this summit indeed and in fact? make us to apply the recommendations flowing from it for the betterment of our people.
????????To begin with, tourism as we all know it has become the noblest instrument of this century for achieving into? national understanding.It enables contacts among people from distant parts of the globe, people of various languages, creeds, political beliefs and social standings-tourism brings them together.It also leads to personal contact in which people can understand attitudes and beliefs which were incomprehensible to them because they were different.I can confidently say that tourism is the greatest relator of cultures.
????????Tourism is acclaimed all over the world as the fasted growing industry.The potential of tourism in Ghana in general? are speculated to be much bigger and enormous than that of crude oil.Where oil has been describe as Gold Mine, Tourism has also been describer as Diamond Mine.
????????The problem that have militated against tourism development in Ghana has been overwhelmingly that of lack of political will, seriousness, in fact, lack of vision and patriotism.The relevance, relationship and bearings of tourism to economic development has been thoroughly over flogged in Ghana.It should go without saying that the local Government tourism committees should form the very foundation and in fact every state’s tourism organization. The local committee should be trained and equipped for the proper identification, promotion development and marketing of their tourism endowments, potentials and attractions.Clearly, if we build on the strong foundation of local tourism development, no doubt? tourism would be taken its rightful place in the scheme of the? state’s economic development in sustainable manner.
????????Tourism is competitive, tourism is a highly competitive industry and we can not compel the potential tourist to visit any attractions by force, threat or decrees.But by creative preservation, packaging and persuasions.
????????When agriculture was uplifted to a preferred sector status in Ghana, an Agricultural Development Bank was conceived and established to ensure that viable and useful agricultural projects? did not die for lack of adequate funding.But since the nineties when tourism was lifted to the same? preferred sector status in Ghana, no concomitant tourism Development Bank? has been established to assist viable tourism project with the result that many i ideas that could? practically transform the industry in Ghana and its parts are being consistently frustrated and the long suffering masses denied by implication? the benefits that would have accrued from the success of the project
????????We? must remember that? ideas are the root seeds of all inventions and developments ever accomplished by man and that no matter the quantum of natural resources, attractions, endowments and potentials that people may be blessed with, without the right? ideas, nothing good would ever accrue to them from it.
????????One of the greatest problems militating against development in Ghana is the rampant practice of plagiarism of other people’s ideas, plans and projects and attempting to implement them with mostly disastrous results.The most cardinal veracity is that written projects are usually representations of not more than about 10% of their full intents and that the rest 90% usually remain quiet in the minds of the those who set out to plagiarize other people’s ideas? can never have the fullness of the component of the? ideas.
????????On my part, i will be very elated and ready to do all that it takes to enable tourism industry be regimented so that we all enjoy the short, long and the maximum benefits of sustained tourism development.
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