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Tourism In A World Of Technology

Ibm To Spend $1bn To Develop Watson

By Edward Frimpong

In theses precarious times that have frown things down to prosaic improvement need to be curb, the hospitality industry composed of tourism and travel is facing a quintessential question.Technology has the great advantage that it allows tourism to replace expensive human labor with technological labor, this not only reducing labor cots but also avoiding issues of customer service.Yet technology may produce a whole new set of unintended consequences.

In 2011 IBM's Watson supercomputer beat human rivals in the Jeopardy TV quiz show
In 2011 IBM’s Watson supercomputer beat human rivals in the Jeopardy TV quiz show

However, how does it draw the line between technology and personal service.There is no doubt that technology plays an important role in tourism and travel.Most of us are now used to booking our air line reservations on line, dealing with telephone trees and other cost saving devices.These technological advances have allowed corporations to save on manpower while at the same time empowering customers to make their own decisions.

??? On the other flank of the equation, travelers use more technology then ever before and often the tourism industry has taken the advantage of desire need to stay in touch with its clientele.Most of us are now used to being almost harassed with online surveys or computer driven telephone calls.Now we have entered into the world of e+marketing, a system that may be called an advanced form of spam
??? Although, innumerable plush hotels provide free internet services, many of the better hotels have added additional changes for local calls, for internet access and a per page fee to receive a fax.These additional changes combined with less personalized services often means that travelers have the? idea that technology has become a one way street.
??? Moreover, technology is found as a versatile in terms of provision of less personalized services and simultaneously the additional generation of revenue at hotels, airplanes and at the transportation hubs.Despite the misuse of technology, tourism and travel are highly dependent on technology and its use has made life a whole lot doddle.
??? Furthermore, phone has become a major part of our lives.And although technology etiquette may lag behind technology machinery the inconvenience of some one speaking too loud on as cell phone is more than outweighed by the safety,security and convenience that cell phones bring to most of us.Besides, technology growth has allowed worldwide terrorism to raid the tourism industry.Cell phones can save lines or detonate bombs, air conditioning units serve to make life bearable in hot climates but also pollute the atmosphere and cab be carriers of diseases.The down of the computer age permits us to know weather forecasts around the world, allows business travelers to stay in touch with their offices and to supersede the problem of cross time zones negotiation, but can be used to destroy air travel.
??? Therefore, technology then has become a mixed bag? for the tourism industry.It creates a great deal of conveniences while at the same time has been used as a way to increase revenues and to lesson customer services.The world of technology has made air travel safe and abundant but also brought about the need to go through long security lines and daily hassles.Certainly, some port of the industry has begun to use technology prudently.When used ethically technology can be a great help in increasing our communication and security.If on the other hand technology is used for selfish or destructive purpose than it can become an enemies with the travel and tourism industry.
??? Finally, if we like it or not technology touches almost every aspect of the tourism industry.If we are smart enough to use the benefit of technology such as convenience, speed and accuracy and lack of human contact, then technology can be a great time and cost saver.But if the tourism industry forgets the importance of the human elements and that tourism is all about the experience then it is making a gargantuan error.
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