Traditional Herbal Medicines Heal Too

Traditional Medicine
Traditional Medicine

Bringing thoughts down to the rippling effects of the novel corona virus and how it has put the religious in a state of quarantine Easter, ideas run through my head as to the possible cures and vaccines for the pandemic that has hit the globe. A flashback of an interview with a Ghanaian based nurse in the United States who was infected with her family by the virus and her way of curing themselves with a concoction her grandmother used way back in Ghana when they had common cold.

This and other testimonies of many Ghanaians who used similar concoction to heal themselves when they were infected brought the potential of herbal medicine in curing the disease even as to a nurse who has a broad knowledge of orthodox medicines pushing that away to adopt herbal medicines to save her life and that of her family.

Herbal medicines are mostly fully plant based medicines which are put under natural processes to extract needed liquids to make up the solution to cure various diseases but since the inception of these medicines there has been a doubt of it’s proficiency to cure most diseases with misconceptions surrounding it.

These misconceptions and myths move as far back as these medicines not working or curing diseases. This result as no or little knowledge surrounding herbs or plant medicines. Research states that as afar as these medicines take up to 70% of plants and strictly processed under natural means they are suitable to cure the illness and diseases that they are designated for not withstanding the fact that all compounds in these medicines cannot be identified but thereof give positive result.

Traditional herbal medicines have been said to take a longer period of time to heal or get results but this farce is not entirely true. With cases of the novel corona herbal medicines were observed to work a day after administration and took few days to fully heal. These medicines do take a long time to heal with chronic diseases as medicines need to take pace with the body for complete healing to start but this does not counter the fact that herbal medicine are fully active and bring out results in a short while after taking them.

What brings trickles down the spin is that most of these medicines do not have specific dosages to them which brings doubts to users as experts have advised that an overdose of these medicines can cause some hormonal changes and have bad effects to the body such as hypertension and heart attack. The strong point or fact that herbal medicines are made fully with plants with no added additives makes it all natural and safe for the human body as they go through natural processes but must not be abused to cause harm to the body.

All thoughts of herbal medicines not backed by research all come out as a farce as universities have now adopted it into their curricula for study as most people did not trust the processes. Many videos and instances where people were found to have been using crude ways to prepare the potions have now been rubbished and justified as authorities need to certify these medicines before they are brought out to the market for human consumption.

These misconceptions are not grounds for one to avoid the use of herbal medicines as they are now proven to be effective as the orthodox medicines and have been observed to have a growing economy in the African countries, United States, China and other countries with a revenue of 60billlion dollars and hoping to receive more funding and investment in the coming years. As much much sensitization is line for people to know the effectiveness of traditional herbal medicines the great work and positive results gotten from the cure of the novel corona virus will be one that is hoped for to clear the minds of many

– Yaa Kuffour Senyah

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