When my boyfriend announced to me that we were getting married in two months, I wasn’t as excited as he thought I would be. He got so concerned. He actually thought I wasn’t into him. Little known to him, I was worried about my skin;it was so horrible. I usually described it as a local bathing sponge; rough, ugly, with a lot of black spots. Would I look good on the wedding day? Won’t my ugly face be the topic on every woman’s lips? These are the questions that ran in my mind.

I spent the next three weeks looking for beauty solutions. It was real madness. A month to the big day, I travelled to the village to inform my grandmother about the upcoming wedding. Tears welled in her eyes. I was scared. Wasn’t she happy for me? I asked her what I had done wrong. She told me that my face looked horrible. A bride of 23 was going to look like a bride of 45. She insisted that I spend with her the entire month so that she works on my skin. I had a lot to do, so I promised to go back in the last week to the wedding.

During that week, I went back. My grandma used a local weed (Nakagila) to scab my face every morning. She would then cleanse it with lemon juicy with some salt and fully massage it with ghee. She would repeat this procedure thrice a day. The cardinal rule was no going into the sun. My entire body was massaged with honey and ghee the entire week.

After seven days, I couldn’t believe what I saw in the mirror. On the big day, every one was amazed at how glowing I was. That evening, when we retired to our honeymoon room, my husband couldn’t comprehend it. I was his dream bride.

By Rahma K Samanya, Daily Monitor



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