Tragic Death of Iya Sunday Highlights Urgent Need to End Elder Abuse and Witchcraft Persecution in Nigeria


Leo Igwe reports on the harrowing case of Iya Sunday, an 86-year-old woman tragically killed after being accused of witchcraft by her own daughter. The incident, which occurred in Ondo West, underscores the pervasive issue of elder abuse and murder for witchcraft in Nigeria.


Leo Igwe, reporting on behalf of the Advocacy for Alleged Witches, recounts the heartbreaking story of Iya Sunday, who succumbed to severe burns inflicted by her daughter, Abiodun, following accusations of witchcraft. Despite efforts by NGOs and activists to intervene, including emergency calls to authorities during a weekend and holiday period, Iya Sunday passed away before adequate help could reach her.


Elder abuse and witchcraft accusations are alarmingly common in Nigeria, particularly affecting vulnerable elderly individuals in impoverished families lacking support systems. The story highlights the dangerous consequences of superstition and misinformation propagated by religious figures, such as pastors, who exploit fears and sow discord within families.

Call to Action:

The Advocacy for Alleged Witches demands justice for Iya Sunday, urging authorities to prosecute those responsible for her death, including Abiodun and the pastor who incited the violence. They emphasize the need for legal accountability to prevent such tragedies and to uphold the dignity and rights of older persons across Nigeria.


In commemoration of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, the Advocacy for Alleged Witches calls for collective action to end elder abuse and persecution linked to witchcraft beliefs. They stress the importance of addressing root causes and providing support for vulnerable elderly populations to ensure their safety and well-being.

This poignant narrative sheds light on a pressing human rights issue in Nigeria and advocates for systemic change to protect elders from harm and injustice.

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