Travellers Guide to Visit the Mountains in Slovakia


Slovakia, formerly part of Czechoslovakia, which itself developed as a state in the First World War, it became an independent republic in 1993. Czechoslovakia, and in spite of 1968. Spring uprising was a communist from 1948 to 1989. Since 2004, he was a member of the EU.

Landlocked and Slovakia in the south, the east of Ukraine and the Polish border with the Czech Republic, Austria, in the west, Hungary in the north. One is only 30 miles within commuting distance – and far Budapest and Prague, just a couple of hours.

Mountains dominate the central and northern parts of the country, while the south is mainly plain. It has a temperate climate.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports that in 2004., Slovakia was commended by the World Bank report to improve its investment climate, joining the 20 “simple” country in the world for business.

“Recently, the Slovak economic policy led to a rapid decline in the growth of inflation and budget deficit, the country known to support joining the euro.”

The UK is the sixth largest investor in Slovakia. One of the main investments were purchased in 1996, Tesco Stores seven department stores and more recent major development, the chain hypermarkets.Aside of these architectural marvels, zoological gardens, national parks, some of the best entertainment in Slovakia as well. Go hiking on High Tatras National Park, the oldest preservation areas in Slovakia, or swim in a crystal clear alpine lakes. You can catch a glimpse of chamois here as well, which is rare and strictly protected in Slovakia.

Slovak education classes to make their way into one of the open-air museum in Slovakia, for example Liptov Village Museum. Here you can see, for example, rural school and the Gothic-Renaissance mansion Parizovce examples of folk architecture. There is a folk art training center as well, where you can learn or observe handicrafts such as basket weaving and bobbin-junction.

Slovakia is known as one of the world’s tourists, but it should be. After all, there are many interesting attractions worth seeing in Slovakia.

For starters, the Slovak Republic has many charming castles, the most famous of which Bojnice castle. Built in the 11th century, the castle houses Bojnice, antique furniture and other treasures of art collection. Also, Ghosts and Order: Criminal intent of the annual International Festival website.

Tesco is now the top retailer in Slovakia, and thirty-two shopping centers and five department stores. Other major UK investors are Shell, “the provision of financial CP Holdings (the largest health spa in Slovakia, Piešany), and Tate and Lyle. Next, Mothercare and accessorize the established and well known franchises that have recently opened shops in Bratislava.

Again the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall inform the thriving British Council presence in Slovakia. The Council promotes English language learning, educational partnerships and academic links, as well as artistic, scientific and cultural exchanges. It works with the Embassy and the Slovak partners in order to promote good governance.

She says, Slovakia shares of the terrorist threat, with the rest of Europe. “Attacks could be indiscriminate and against civilian targets.” However, most visits to Slovakia to trouble. The main type of incident, the British nationals required consular assistance in Slovakia in 2006. Most of pilfering.

There is a growing incidence of such thefts in Bratislava, where pickpockets operate around the main tourist areas and foreigners are easily identified and targeted.

Visas British nationals do not need to enter Slovakia. For those who intend to longer stays, should register with police within three days of arrival and can apply for a Slovak “green card”, which can then be used as proof of identity, otherwise users must always carry a passport).

As EU citizens, the UK investors can buy real estate in Slovakia, although restrictions on the purchase of agricultural land and forestry.

Real estate moves way in advance purchase commitment to buy the deposit is paid – after completion of the expert’s reports and registration with the Land Registry – terrier. This last step in the formal law, may take several weeks, although it is possible to pay for expedited registration.

The law requires that the registration of plan assets, including the registered owner’s name and details of any changes in property taxes, or restrictive covenants or easements and description.

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