Treason Trial: Defense counsels challenge credibility of translator

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Two counsels for some of the accused persons standing trial over an alleged treason have challenged the credibility of the work of the translator in the ongoing trial.

Mr Victor Kwadjoga Adawudu, counsel for Donyo Kafui, alias ‘Ezor,’ Bright Alan Debrah, alias ‘BB,’ Corporal Seidu Abubakar and Corporal Sylvester Akanpewu and Mr Kormivi Doztsi, holding the brief of Mr Martin Kpebu, counsel for Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Benjamin Kwasi Agordzo, probed as to what qualified him as a translator.

They challenged Mr Isaac Osei, a prosecution witness, during a cross-examination in the Accra High Court trying the case.

Mr Adawudu asked him to tell the Court what qualified one to be a translator, where Mr Osei answered that he had first degree in translation, courses in linguistics and Spanish.

Mr Adawudu also questioned some of the team members involved in both the translation and transcribing work and demanded whether one Abigail and Mrs Jessy Amable had certificates in Ewe language.

Mr Osei told the Court that Abigail had a degree in High National Diploma, in bilingual and a student of school of translators whilst Mrs Amable, a retired English Lecturer, did linguistics in Ewe language.

He explained that though they did not have certificates in the Ewe Language their inclusion was because they were native speakers and competent in English and other languages.

“Is it that anyone with a degree and speak native language can transcribe and translate into the native language,” the lawyer asked, with Mr Osei replying that “Not necessarily so, but if the person has been working in the translation field and has experience, that person can work with the team.”

He said since the witness summarised quite often, he might have added his prejudices but Mr Osei stated that they did that to the best of their ability bearing in mind the profession they were involved in, which called for certain standards.

Dr Frederick Yao Mac Palm, Kafui, BB, Johannes Zikpi, Colonel Samuel Gameli, Warrant Officer Class Two Esther Saan, Corporal Seidu Abubakar, Lance Airforce Corporal Ali Solomon, Corporal Sylvester Akanpewu and Assistant Commissioner of Police Dr Benjamin Kwasi Agordzo have been charged for high treason.

They are facing different charges, including conspiracy, possession of weapons and abetment. 
The accused persons are on bail and will make their next appearance on January 25, 2022.

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