Treason trial: IEDs were homemade bombs, dangerous to lives, property – witness

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Colonel Gaspard Dan Kwaning Asare, Prosecution Witness Eight in the ongoing treason trial, says the Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), evidence in the case, is homemade and dangerous to lives and property.

The Senior Ammunition Technical Officer of the Ghana Armed Forces, who together with a team of experts examined the IEDs told the High Court that, “the items were IEDS or homemade bombs, specifically pipe bombs and could cause harm to persons and property. The smoke grenades were also active and to be used for screening purposes.”

Colonel Asare made these known when presenting the report made after investigating the IEDs.

Did you do any other thing after this? Mrs Yvonne Attakora Obuobisa, Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), asked the Prosecution witness.

Colonel Asare,:‘Yes, my lord, in December 2019, one item of the samples sent to the Criminal Investigations Department was brought back for further investigations. We were to determine whether the black powder was indeed gun powder and it proved positive.

DPP: What did you do after the investigation.

W: I submitted the report on the investigations.

DPP: From your report, what was the range of these pipe bombs.

W: “…The standard pipe bomb effect of 10.2kg weight with an explosive content of half a kilo and a 4kg of metal payload can have a lethal area of 30 metres radius and a danger zone of about 400 metres radius.”

“When within lethal area you can die but when in danger zone you can only be hurt. The IEDs labelled in the report were prescribed and are likely to produce this effect. Pipe bomb of about 5kg weight and half a kilo of explosive charge with a payload of 3.5kg consisting bupicabane (pepper powder) and metal fragments as was contained in sample D1, could have a lethal area of 20metres radius cause eye and chest irritation, within 50metres radius and a danger zone of 100 meters radius,” he continued.

When asked to describe how the team conducted the investigation, he said: “items received were in different colours, so they were grouped as such. Then we dismantled each to get to the content”.

“The result is what u see in the table in page three. Again we were to find out whether there were IEDs, the contents and casing confirmed they were, specifically, pipe bombs: they are bombs that are in case or cased in a metal/ galvanized pipes, they are made up of an outer pipe or metal case with an explosive train.”

The witness continued, “Explosive train is made up of an initiator, explosive charge and payload. The initiator begins the explosive process, detonators or burning fuse, then there is the main explosive charge, which is gun powder. To complete the train, we have the payload, the function is to give the effect the maker wants the pipe bombs to achieve after the explosion.”

Colonel Asare cited that “if the pipe bomb wants to achieve a projector effect or cutting effects, then projectile is used as solid metals, nails and even stones. If irritation effects are to be achieved items that will cause irritation such as pepper, CS or teargas is added, if a knocking down effect is to be achieved, then chemical agent that when we inhale knock you off are added for those who inhale to be unconscious.”

“All these were present in the items found with the exception of the detonators, which needed not to be added unless the devices were ready to be deployed. However, there was a reception which had a slot for the initiators to be used,” the High Court heard.

However, some of the counsels objected to the tendering in of the exhibit but the DPP opposed it and said rejecting the exhibit would not help the court to appreciate the case.

The Court overruled it after considering both the defense counsels’ submissions and that of the Prosecution.

Dr Frederick Yao Mac Palm, Kafui, BB, Johannes Zikpi, Colonel Samuel Gameli, Warrant Officer Class Two Esther Saan, Corporal Seidu Abubakar, Lance Airforce Corporal Ali Solomon, Corporal Sylvester Akanpewu and Assistant Commissioner of Police Dr Benjamin Kwasi Agordzo have been charged for high treason.

They are facing various charges, including conspiracy, possession of weapons and abetment.
The accused persons are on bail.

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