Trump’s Speech Timing Calculated, Facebook Ban Gives Him Spotlight He Craves

Donald Trump

The timing of Donald Trump’s speech at the North Carolina Republican Convention this weekend was carefully calculated to generate interest that promotes his vision for the country moving forward, social media experts told Sputnik, adding that Facebook’s ban puts the former US president back in the spotlight, which is exactly what he seeks.

On Saturday, Trump delivered his second major public address since leaving the White House in an effort to consolidate his position at the helm of the Republican Party ahead of the 2022 and 2024 election campaigns. In his speech, Trump blamed the administration of Joe Biden for an array of issues the US is currently facing, saying at the Republican Party convention in North Carolina that the US is being “demeaned and humiliated.” He also said that China should pay all countries compensation for the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump also unleashed his anger on Facebook after the latter decided to maintain the suspension of his account for two years due to what it said were “severe violations” of its community standards. At the convention, he said that he was not really interested in returning to Facebook if CEO Mark Zuckerberg eventually allows him back on the social media platform.

“The timing of this speech is calculated and the interest will be used to fuel his vision for the country moving forward. Facebook’s ban makes Trump even more prominent and in the spotlight, which is exactly what he wants,” Robb Fahrion, a marketing and branding expert, who is also a partner and co-founder of Flying V Group Digital Marketing, told Sputnik.

He noted that many saw Trump’s ban on Facebook as a direct attack on First Amendment rights, adding that Trump is “a master marketer that knows how to pick his spots to engage his base.”

“Trump’s base is loud and extremely proud. Hearing from the former President provides a jolt to the base that will continue to keep hopes high for future presidential aspirations. The calls will only get louder and stronger as Trump makes himself more visible to his base. With that being said, the base has consistently been loud and strong throughout all of 2021,” he said.

Meanwhile, Fahrion does not believe that Biden would be affected at all by any of Trump’s remarks.

“The Democrats would prefer to ignore anything coming from the Trump camp and not give it any sort of attention, which would only further rile up his base. The Democrats will continue to operate as if Trump does not exist and continue forward with their policy as they deem fit,” Fahrion said.


Since the whole US is split on their opinions, Trump’s Facebook ban will either greatly help him or deter people, Jackie Zukerman Delory, a media and brand expert who runs NEXTonSCENE Media agency told Sputnik.

“I think social media owners are going to do what they are going to do. Social Media is supposed to be about freedom of speech so being he is an American they shouldn’t ban him for sharing his opinions,” she said.

When asked how the speech at the convention affects Trump’s fan base and his future potential presidential campaign, Zukerman Delory thinks that Trump supporters will always be Trump supporters.

“…Of course depending on how he comes across in his speech will deter a certain person but I think when it comes to social media because the world knows him – his word will spread fast and it will either greatly benefit him or greatly change how people feel about him. I do always think there are opportunities for new beginnings!” she concluded.

Meanwhile, Erik Qualman, an author and social economics expert, believes that it is still too soon to tell the short and long-term effects of Trump’s social media bans.

“Does absence make the heart grow fonder for his 88 million Twitter followers? Or is it more out of sight, out of mind? While the social media outlets can reign in Trump the real question remains is what is the Republican party going to do in 2022? The odds look long for a Trump victory in 2022 but they also looked this way in 2016 so you can never count Trump out. Time will tell on all fronts,” he concluded.

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