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Truth Will Not Just Set You Free, But Raise You to Highest Possible Kindness


Truth is Supreme and Leads to Supreme Kindness

Truth is from the Truthful, Kind , and Intelligent Lord and leads to high to highest kindness, except you may have to confront the opponents and enemies of Truth, and you may still be tested with Patience . There is part of Truth that is far from debatable, the things you have done or didn’t do in the past or present are largely known. The things you want are also largely known and can be expressed with hundred percent truthfulness. Beside want is should and can, so should and can may become more vital , but both can actually concur with conscientious wants. Tomorrow is debatable because the intelligence aspects of Truth cannot be limited to human intelligence, we can have surprises and delays for teaching of more truth or patience testing. Truth is always seeking for kindness, for self and/or others. As such, Truth can sometimes seems like to be ‘opposing’ the guilty, but may actually be offering a rescue. Truth is where humans are divided into three groups: The Spreaders of Truth+ (Forerunners), the accepters of truth+ (people of the right), and the rejecters of truth +(people of the left) — you may see ch.56 (the inevitable or Waqiah) for hints. Truth is the inevitable winner beyond events. Do the reverse on spreading lies (knowingly or unknowingly), accepting lies, rejecting lies with vigor to know how liars are dangerous opportunity, but still opportunity. As such, you must avoid rejecting Truth (God) or you risk harsh judgement. Ch. 103 hints us how Truth is a super good deed and how patience is a dangerous super good deed to help the truthful and punish the guilty who abuse patience or respite. Between candidates or parties, choose the most truthful one or one that confronts lies the hardest.

Every day we have the opportunity to at least convey Truth and that may include acting truthfully. How to identify and deal with the opponents and enemies of truth can sometimes be very challenging. The opponents of Truth are largely cowards, but the enemies of Truth are the greedy and arrogant ones. Cowards often lack enough intelligence so they become the battle ground between the truthful and the enemies of truth. While the Truthful try to rescue all, especially the cowards, the greedy and arrogant appeal to the fears of the cowards to reject truth and helping the truthful. The enemies of Truth may even bribe the cowards, appeal to their greed… Perhaps we may give examples that people can relate to.

Classified information of governments and worldwide war against cannabis are very good examples. Of course Truth is not against the interest of u.s or anyone, except the guilty ones, especially the ones that refuse to repent. May God curse the biggest rejecters of truth and truthful ones , worldwide. By arguing the truth is against u.s interest, they will argue things like terrorism to justify torture and war crimes, but also to appeal to the cowards. Then they may argue about questionable allies and link it with financial interest to appeal to those who fear poverty or simply greedy beyond what truthful work+ can bring. Despite how Truthful revelations helped many and have not verifiable hurt one innocent person, the anti truth argue it endangers their guilty ones. So if you buy the argument of the anti truthful, you literally oppose Truth for money, earthly life, or xyz. If you choose Truth and oppose the anti truthful standings, you varyingly become a member of God’s or Truthful team.

The war against Cannabis legalisation was also based on lies, due to fear, greed, and arrogance . The history of Harry Anslinger’s claims are now widely known to be racist , cowardly, and arrogant. The fractional facts of some scientific claims based on studies of few people are dismissed with higher truth of millions of users with largely good experiences. When the anti truth appeal to the fears of cowards, they claim to be caring. By pointing to the irresponsible users or users who may mix cannabis with alcohol or other drugs, or just other evil choices that God may judge, the cowards may oppose the whole truth about cannabis. Since Truth come with kindness, cannabis will likely come with kindness that may affect the greedy and arrogant . So if Cannabis cures or mitigates many health issues, it will affect the pharmaceutical industry. Billionaires and governments that have such industries may not want the dent, but may be blind that healthier citizens may work and pay higher taxes for all? Some folks in u.s certainly appreciate cannabis than the drugs in Obamacare, but cannabis did not bankrupt many drug companies. Smart cannabis users understand part of cannabis is actually now in the pharmaceutical industry. Lose few billions on extremely dangerous man made drugs, gain healthier people and some money is not a bad deal. Beside the cowards and greedy, the arrogant tend to hate marijuana most. The arrogant argue on questionable reputation or losing control on people they were not suppose to control in the first place. The intelligence aspect of Truth and Cannabis is freedom leaning, and arrogant people do not like freedom or truth. The arrogant hang on to low or high kindness, visible material things. Some High, higher, and highest kindness can only be attained by Truth that is free of fear, greed, or arrogance . May we have enough material blessings, but seek and achieve higher than such.

Just like truth may or may not lead to immediate kindness, rejecting truth may not lead to immediate consequences, but any sincere believer in God will not gamble against truth. The closest you can risk is hide truth, but rejecting truth or supporting the hunting of the truthful are extremely dangerous positions. People who argue God may ‘forgive’ us are often blind to how rejecting truth are largely sins between creatures that a just God will not forgive.

You may have heard ‘the truth will set you free’, but that may be an under statement for those wrongly accused or mildly guilty. The Truth is not about just getting out of pain, but getting into happiness and towards highest happiness, sometimes with others. So let Truth be our best friend, concurring or being above human intelligence and kindness. When you are trying to save one innocent person from a guilty group through Truth, may the group change or suffer proportionately. When you are truthfully trying to help billions or millions from guilty few, then only the blind may accuse you of hating the few. The illusion that delaying truth is good is tantamount to claiming that delaying the stopping of cruelty, delaying high to highest kindness is good. Blindness of the deaf and dumb, or blindness to truth and the blessings it offers? May the Truthful be highly and quickly rewarded regardless of who or how many may suffer among the anti truthful. May God bless us with Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer.

Optional Note:

Sex and money are things almost any adult can relate to. These two things are where humans lie most, so if you can be truthful on both, you are very lucky and should never change. Truthful folks, especially men, are hardly attractive to many women, but remember God can give you truthful loving woman , sex, and better than sex by truthful standing with patience, where need be. Similarly, many rich folks are very corrupt and may not like truthful folks around them, but you can be partnered with truth loving rich folks or be enriched in many ways through truth. Once you reach certain level of truthfulness, you will certainly value earthly or visible blessings, but you will also know people tend to over value such in very dangerous ways. Neither money , nor sex are worth lying or cruelty. The truthful will be empowered to enjoy highest sex and others.

Truth is not anti intelligence or kindness, but Truth is a leaning that stands alone and inside it or the destination is the higher to highest intelligence and kindness. So I urge you to be truthful and seek truthful ones in your surrounding. Divorce liars or keep them away… love Truthful blessings like culture of cameras. Let your private conversations be as truthful as you are on a world stage and before God of all knowledge. However, honor private conversations and give people chance to grow. Ch. 103 recommends, ‘exhort each other to Truth and Patience …’; where it seems as ‘report to truth or God’, let it be report truthfully and not reject truth. Since patience is mentioned, then you will likely be tested with patience. So when will more higher blessings or kindness reach us, government and evil folks stop cruelty or indifference, etc may only mean more truth or patience… I believe in truth than even in patience, because part of patience will destroy those who reject truth. Part of high truthfulness is known in how you confront lies. Avoiding lies is our most sacred personal responsibility and confronting lies is our most sacred collective responsibility. Growing is When you stop lying to, then stop lying for anyone or group, especially against conscience. In war, people maneuver and that includes words. Being the least liar in the lying team should not be a chosen destiny, be the most truthful one , especially on world stage.

Optional note 2:

Truth and Love are virtually interchangeable. Where love is high and sincere, truth easily blends in to conquer fear, greed, and arrogance. Cultures and governments are two human creation that sadly justify lies unnecessarily. For example, the African wollof have a cultural saying, ‘the lie that makes is better than the truth that destroys.’ They fail to understand Truth does not primarily destroy, rejecting truth is often what destroys. Secondly, How little a good can a lie make and only to be destroyed by truth or rejection of truth? Such sayings build cowardly mindsets against truth, then you gradually fall or even fall along with others.

Sadly human beings, especially arrogant beings like ruling by fear instead of love. So they scream at kids or even beat at home until the child fears and learn to lie in fear. When that child successfully lies in fear, s/He may lie in greed or arrogance and the guilty parent may not know how s/he was a partner in crime. We should avoid lying to children as well, but first avoid lying to partners or with partners against children. As children enjoy illusions, you must tactically switch them to rejoicing on intelligence , then to rejoicing through truth and kindness. If not, they may rejoice on lies or cruelty.

Our questionable government officials also like to rule on fear or claim we cannot take the whole truth, they treat us like children. When you normalize they can lie to you or lie for you, then you are no longer victims, but partial culprits. You should be truthful more than government , or who will want the truthful Lord to prefer our horrible or questionable leaders ? You should help the governments to become more truthful, you exhort them to truth (God). Yes, there is some risk involved, but the risk of inaction is worse , and the benefits of changing government towards good is a mighty leap than winning financial lottery. May we Triumph in every sense of the word, on earth and beyond.

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