Tsatsu Tsikata Should be Charged with Conspiracy

The leader of Ghanaians Abroad Coalition (GAC) Osagyefo Dr” Kwame Mayor, has publicly told the Nation in his Weekly News Broadcast, that?Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata should be charged with Conspiracy to incite the Public to assassinate Supreme Court Justice, Anin-Yeboah.?
Kwame Mayor say’s he will forever regret fighting for Tsastu Tsikata, at the time when he (Tsastu) was serving his Prison Sentence at Nsawam, and he, Kwame Mayor — the un-disputable “Good Samaritan”, and Pan-Africanist Politician, criticised Kufuor’s Administration, and called for Tsastsu’s release.
? ? “There is no doubt that Tsastsu, and his dangerous (Anti-American) Terrorist Uncle, Kojo Tsikata, are Black Klu Klux Klans, and the only Language Terrorists understand is Retaliation, by any means legally necessary for Self Defense”
? ? ?” Boakye Djan, Rawlings, Tsastu Tsikata, Ahwoi Brothers, and Kojo Tsikata, who are amoung the World’s Most Dangerous (Anti-American) AFRC/PNDC Terrorists in the History of Ghana, since the days of Adam, and Eve, and are Africa’s Most Dangerous Black Klu Klux Klans — always, foolishly assume that they can kill innocent Ghanaians, and Pro-American Democracy Activists, who are Human Beings, and get away with their Crimes Against Humanity, without suffering from retaliation.
? ? ” There will be no Ghana to live, [if] these Satanic Anti-American AFRC/PNDC Terrorists, who have the same Evil Mentality like Al-Quedas, put me in harm’s way”, said the former Precinct Captain for President Barack Obama’s Campaign, CD37/CA22, who successfully advised the White House on (“Moral Basis”) for United States’ Military intervention in Libya, to oust “Mad Dog”, Mu’ammer Gaddafi — in order to save lives !!!, successfully advised the White to overthrow former Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, who is (less) evil than Mu’ammer Gaddafi, and Saddam Hussein — in order to save lives !!!, and successfully advised the White House to Bombard the hide-out of former Ivorian President, Laurent Gbagbo — in order to save lives !!!
? ? “Peaceful, and Non-Violent Solutions should always be used as Weapons of Civility”, said “Osagyefo Dr” Kwame Appiah Boateng, “Kwame Mayor”.
? ? “However, when it comes to dangerous Al-Queda Terrorists like Tsastu Tsikata, who is inciting the Public to directly, or indirectly, murder a Supreme Court Judge, like what his Terrorist uncle, Kojo Tsikata, and other Terrorist Murderers did to the Martyred Judges, and also, when it comes to dangerous Al-Queda Terrorists like Flight Lieutenant (retired) Jerry John Rawlings, and Major (retired) Boakye Djan — the only Language these Satanic Terrorists understand is (Retaliation by any Legal means necessary, or through Armed Struggle), as the Legendary Nelson Mandela warned State-Sponsored Terrorists, during Apartheid days.
? ?”The next time (AFRC/PNDC Terrorists) murder our Judges, or execute our Leaders, and Heroes, by Firing Squad, like they did to Okatakyie Akwasi Amankwa Afrifa, I.K. Acheampong, Akuffo, Rear Admiral Joy Yao Amedume, Utuka, Bob Kotei, Odartey Wellington, Roger Felli, Yaw Boakye, etc, etc, — [all] Ghanaians should immediately retaliate, and put Boakye Djan, Rawlings, Kojo Tsikata, Tsastu Tsikata, Kofi Awoonor, and once again, (Boakye Djan), before Firing Squad, in the watchful eyes of Kweku Baako — the (Hypocrite Double Agent for both Imperialist, and Communist Forces), who Satanically watched, and celebrated the Savage Public Executions carried out by Rawlings, and Boakye Djan, during “June 4thTerrorist Revolution”.
Source : Uhuru Times
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