I come with humble greetings, I am here to Thank you on some adjustment in your Government ,it shows you read the pulse of the Government ,check the pedestrian feelings and make allowable adjustment to fill in gaps and carry the state aboard.

I am particularly happy on how you reduced the CHATTERING of AIRCRAFT both Local and International, it is on record that you now flew Commercial planes, a step toward the right direction.
I am also quite sure that soon you will also reduce the numbers of HANG ON?S that travel with you, reduce the cost of staying in High cost Hotels .When that happens ,you will see that you will be the happiest, because the stress of financial scavenging will be less on you.

Sir,I will like to plead again for you to use the eyes of old ,the same eyes you used to be the first BLACK AUDITOR GENERAL OF TEXACO to over look or bring in more competent Financial Keep fits to come along with scissors and start cutting off some irrelevant portions in our 2015 Budgets.

Sir,when I read a report from ELOMBA.COM on the BUDGET and the lapses ,let me quote the article ,so that it will help us to understand my pleadings, he said and I provide ?Obiano bogus 2015 budget; bribes Lawmakers with N330m
2014-11-25 12:08:25
On Monday, November 24, 2014, the Governor of Anambra state, Chief Willie Obiano presented the 2015 budget to the state House of Assembly. According to the budget, the state intends to spend the sum of N164.496 a 3.17% increase from the N159.469 billion of 2014.

The budget titled, ?Budget of Wealth Creation and Social Cohesion? has estimated capital expenditure of N110.979 billion while N53.517 billion was mapped out for recurrent expenditure.
On the budget, the governor announced that the state is expecting a total earning of N102.039 billion in the 2015 fiscal year; N48.040 billion from statutory allocations and N54 billion from internally generated revenue.
Interestingly, the governor noted that there had already been decline in the 2014 statutory allocations due to falling oil prices, a situation he said will continue in 2015.
?????????????It is important to state here that on September 2014, the Governor in Lagos during a security fund raising dinner announced that his administration has raised the state?s monthly Internally Generated Revenue [IGR] from N500m to N1 billion.
A simple arithmetic will put the state?s IGR at N12bllion per annum. Has the IGR gone up from N12 billion in 2014 to N54 billion in 2015 overnight?
Now let’s break it down:
2015 budget: N164.496 billion
Total earning expected: N102.039 billion
IGR: N 12 bllion
Deficit: N 50.457 billion
Pray, how does Governor Obiano intend to recoup the whooping sum of N50 billion that runs deficit in the budget? ?end of quote

unnamed (1)

Sir,we the pedestrian people of the state are greatly confused and me personally is highly disturbed on this matter ,I reduced it to pedestrian thought to make me understand it ,I analyze it this way,,
IF A MAN IS GIVING HIS WIFE MONTHLY #20,000 FOR HOUSE KEEPING,20,000 FOR FEEDING AND #10,000 FOR DON,T ASK ,DON,T TELL ,making it the Total of #50,000 a month.
Then the wife brought to him a budget of say 100,000 that she plans to spend the upper month ,she stated the 50,000 that she will get from the Horse band ,I mean Husband and she ended up stating that the remaining amount will be from AS IT PROGRESSES ,how will the Husband hit his bed and sleep ?
He must think so many things ,including ,is she into prostitution ,is she involved in illicit dealings ? ,is she into illegal life ,is she a wizard ?.
Let me fast forward to another story I read on line ,which I cannot tell how truth it is ,that you intend to get the balance from Ndi Anambra on Excessive Taxation,including hiking the Taxes of our influential sons and daughters just to make up for the over inflated and over exaggerated Budget .As we know that when there is down town economy that budgets will go down and i am sure that many states reduced the budget bur ours was hiked ,unless there is Magic we do not know.

Sir ,we know that CHIEF PETER OBI did not do well on his IGR ,he did not enforce Taxes ,he did not follow the state bumper to bumper ,but you are doing great on that era but let me tell you Sir,this state called ANAMBRA state is a Hard core state ,one must handle them with extreme care or they will bite your behind.

If you focus on the very rich men ,they will have meetings of THE BIG SHOTS and with an implementation that will torpedo your government ,they have what it takes ,fa di na abada ,dikwa na iyaji and they are people who you cannot invoke without arachalo nmanu ututu. If they unite to fight ,chei ,I pray that it will be against ndi BOKO and not in my own state.

If it is the lower class that is the target, if you push them so hard ,I am sure they will revolt ,if you doubt ,ask the woman that was removed from one of the Onitsha local Government ,she did exactly this REVENUE COLLECTION things and the people felt pissed upon and mmiri bido zobe.

I advise that you will make the Tax thing gradual process ,so they will start getting use to it but if you rain it on them as it is obtained in overseas ,I am sure they will bring a counter and that will be counter productive to the Government ,we should know that Nigerians are not cultured in Tax payments, because the Government did not provide infrastructure to warrant masses paying that Tax ,whereas the Government did not provide Pipe Born Water and the masses are the ones providing SACHET filled with TYPHOID WATER called PURE WATER in Nigerian parlance.

Since the Government did not provide Electricity and the masses help themselves with AIR POLLUTING , FUEL GUZZLING and NOISY GENERATORS in other to illuminate homes and power on businesses .
Since the Government instead of providing health care ,they prefer going and sending their wards to Germany or London to buy Paracetamol ,the Nigerian masses fall back on AROMO BITTERS and every poison bottled and call it Herb. It get worse that they now have one BAD BLACK CHEMICAL they caged in a BOTTLE and call It BEER ,now people Guzzle it with speed and say ,it cleanse body and you may ask what is the ORIGIN of that root they said the BEER CONTAINED ?,well not to digress ,the point is ,the Government swore not to help the masses and the masses see that there is no reason to pay Taxes that will not be used to service the generality of the masses but will help the Government heads to buy up bigger houses in LONDON AND DUBAI and keep the remaining loot in Banks in USA and other places.

In China ,if you do not pay your LIGHT bills ,they will switch off your house connection, if you do not pay your WATER bills ,they switch you off too,if you do not buy your Bus card or recharge the one you have ,you cannot be able to get on bus ,all this meaning that you are paying for what you are using and when it is denied to you ,you will be the loser but contrast it with Nigeria and tell me which one works ?

Sir,I am not saying you should?nt collect Taxes ,it is a must but, let it come gradually and with great testimonies of how the state are benefiting from the Taxes they paid.

His Excellency my Governor,I also want to congratulate you on the vibrant new you ,since you put a little hedge between you and that Tomb raider ,I can see a new you.

First you went to Ebube Monso at ADORATION GROUND UKE ,but had it been you still hang out with TOMB RAIDER he will forbid you with such luxury and he will rather take you to invade some TOMB instead of invading Prayer ground and as you can see it worked ,just less than 48 hours after visiting and receiving prayers and by prayers all the yoke and fetters which TOMB RAIDER may have used on you were unshackled and you made the first CONTINUAL extended donation to Churches ,ANGLICAN RECEIVED 300 MILLION NAIRA ,while CATHOLIC received 433 MILLION ,TOTALING TO 733 MILLION NAIRA .

This is a continuity we campaigned with ,this is a way forward we craved ,this a dawn ndi ANAMBARA can live with ,yes ,even though the Fund was pulled from UBE ACCOUNT ,which has about 2.1 BILLION NAIRA as left by CHIEF PETER OBI ,we are now more convinced that you will take the state forward.

On another related issue ,Sir ,it may be an oversight but to me it looks like calculated effort ,I may be wrong but my consolation if I am ,is the saying ?Uche bu akpa ,onye obuna nya nke ya?.

Sir, It looks like Nnewi is not getting any positive look from you ,I will bring instance of EEKESON MOTORS and his Garage at Onuicha ,how it was reduced to dust and no alternative place offered to him as one of the people that employed Umuigbo and have a thriving business in the state, as that one is still boiling within the minds ,then CHIEF INNOCENT OF INNOSON MOTORS rolled out 3 BRAND new CARS DESIGNS into the Market ,a feat that no other person has done in AFRICA ,a FEAT that under Normal circumstance, if not that it is election period that MR PRESIDENT is suppose to attend ,it is a peculiar task that supersede whatever function that may have taking your interest and attention. You were absent in such function in your state and you sent in your DEPUTY ?,does it mean that CAR making factory located in your own state is a secondary matter ? Having it mind that it is the first in NIGERIA as a nation and should be something to pat our chest with and smile that obu onye nke anyi .

Onye isi, not attending that unveiling function of INNOSON sent a blur message and it is not encouraging to say the least ,but that is by the way ,your Deputy who held brief for you promised that the state will continue supporting INNOSON and patronizing him ,but Sir ,Currently we know that instead to patronize INNOSON ,you bought over 50 CARS from TATA MOTORS INDIA ,and we know that INDIA products are sub standard to compare with our own INNOSON ,who is available to service the Cars he made, contrast that with TATA bought from INDIA ,shipped to Nigeria ,cleared in LAGOS and enrich LAGOS STATE ,hired YOROBA drivers to bring it back to AMAOBIA .If you add all this Logistics to the actual cost of the TATA Car ,you will see that it is economic waste.
Under your predecessor INNOSON enjoyed a great patronage ,all the Schools in the state are testimony of how good those Buses are ,they are durable and humming like HUMMER BUSES.The Hilux truck was good enough for the federal government to bought them and send them to our Soldiers who used them in Somalia or so.Enugu state is using the Luxurious buses for Commercial services in the state ,but our own state is buying TATA from India ?

That reminds me on how you brought GULDER ULTIMATE BEER to AGULERI and knowing fully well that GULDER does not have even a mini WAREHOUSE in the state talk less of assembly plant ,so they do not or planned on employing a citizen of the state ,you also know it too well that HERO is what GULDER is targeting to push out of the market ,whereas that HERO is located in ONUICHA ,employed MULTIPLE OF THOUSANDS in the state through Direct labour and extended labours, yet Gulder was brought in to muscle in and yank off some chunk of flesh from our own OOMPA ? ,sir,it is unfair and unjust.

Sir,No YOROBA Governor will allow HERO to brandish in his state even if they discovered that HERO CURES EBOLA ,instead they will prefer to build more cemetery than to allow IGBO MADE product to make an incursion into Yoroba land.
The best any Yoroba Governor will give to promote anything owned by an IGBO is the type they gave to IGBO OWNED HOSPITAL IN LAGOS,CALLED FIRST CONSULTANT ,THEY GAVE HIM AN EBOLA PATIENT AND CLOSE HIS HOSPITAL THEREOF ,but I digress.

Have you heard that any YOROBA state has bought the INNOSON vehicles ? not even the Buses that are stronger than HUMMER BUSES MADE IN JAPAN ,what I am saying here is ,welu ire gi gua eze gi onu.
And with the above short submissions I get to retire my Pen will next week.


Mazi Odera

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