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Tunde Oyedoyin advise: Invest in Your Financial Education



I will prepare and make myself ready, for my opportunity will come

Did you know that when the legendary sage of Omaha, Warren Buffet, bought his first shares as a kid of either 9 or 11, he said he wondered why he had been wasting away prior to making that first investment? He is one model example of this series on “Investing in your financial education”. This he did by learning? about value investing from the British -born American economist, Benjamin Graham. That investment of time and effort in his financial education has made Buffet billions. Will be back on this.In the two preceding articles,

I made the distinction between financial education and academic education. Both, I did point out, take time to acquire. I rounded off, saying I was glad a London-based member of the Nigerian community has called it quit – as per investing in stocks – with investing, having lost? the money he gave someone to buy him? the shares of some blue chip companies on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.But you know what? This gentleman has actually stopped acquiring financial education. In his own world, he thought he had stopped investing, and therefore cut his losses, but he didn’t know he had withdrawn from school. As I frequently say to people – and I tried saying the same to him – buying shares is not financial education, just as working? in an office as a manager? or administrator isn’t education . You may decide to work in the civil service after getting an education, just as you may choose to buy stocks when you are financially literate. It’s not the other way round.By the way, If you failed woefully in an exam, you may beat yourself down and be totally disappointed? about it, but surely, the solution is not to say “goodbye, “I’m done with writing exams.” Smart people will go away and take extra lessons, study more and perhaps, listen more attentively to the teacher or his notes, If changing tutors is not necessary. They know they have to pay more attention?? to what their teacher is saying before attempting future exams. They even study past questions. Such students go back and take that particular exam, do the business and move on to the next class or level. This is an aside, though.The emphasis of today’s lesson is to make you aware that it’s never too late, and in fact, neither too early to start investing in your financial education. Buffet, who I started this piece with, is a classic example of early beginning.

If you’re just enrolling for financial education,? welcome on board. You’re never? too? late. Your opportunities, as Abraham Lincoln pointed out in the opening quote , will definitely come.About two years or so ago, I was holding a ” Money Intelligence” seminar at Walthamstow Central library and even though the advert never restricted the event to women alone, but I was pleasantly surprised that the only people that showed up on this particular Monday were women. To be honest, I can’t remember what the topic was for that day, but what I do remember is? what? a young mother of about 30 said during the seminar.Tunde Oyedoyin is the founder of the Money Intelligence Coaching Academy

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