Turkish government has offered to assist the Government of Ghana to investigate and sanction those who hacked into the Government of Ghana websites.


This good news was given by Ms Nesrin Bayazit, the new Turkish Ambassador to Ghana.

Speaking to the media at the Flagstaff House after meeting with Vice President Kwesi Amissah-Arthur at his office, Ms Nesrin Bayazit said, the Turkey government will deploy its Cyber Response Team to assist in identifying the hackers and the reason for their action.

She said the Turkish Embassy was duly informed by the Ministry of Communications in a letter about the offer of support and that the reportage that the Government of Turkey was behind the action, was not the best..

According to her,??It is not easy to establish the origin of such cyber-attacks, and some of the reports are blowing the issue out of proportion,? she said, adding ?we should not allow this to come between the two countries.?

She also averred that the Turkish government had also fallen victim to similar cyber-attacks, in the past, adding that ?no country is totally immune to these attacks.?

Eleven Government of Ghana portals went down early this week, after they were hacked by Alsancak Tim, a group of Turkish hackers, which claimed responsibility for the action.

However, in a message on its Facebook page, the group said its action was in reaction to ?Ghana?s intense missionary activity (that) results in a reduction of the Muslim population. We stand by our Muslim brothers. We are at war with state oppression and exploitation.?

During the meeting with Vice President?Kwesi Amissah-Arthur, the two countries agreed that there was a need to explore more opportunities in the health, education, agriculture and trade sectors?and?that the current trade volumes did not reflect the opportunities created from the bilateral relations between the two nations.

On hispoart, Vice President Kwesi Amissah-Arthur, gave the assurance that government will support?Ms Nesrin Bayazit, the new?Ambassador towards consolidating the gains made from the cordial relations between the two countries.


Source: spyGhana.com




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