TWMA asked to intersperse schools in Adjei-Kojo

Carlos Ahenkorah

Mr Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah, Member of Parliament for Tema West has appealed to the Tema West Municipal Assembly (TWMA) to intersperse schools within the Adjei-Kojo community for easy access by learners.

Mr Ahenkorah making the appeal during a General Assembly Meeting of the Tema West Municipal Assembly said having one public basic school for the entire community was not the best.

He said as structures and communities were springing up within the area, there was the need to provide more public schools for learners to attend as a way of reducing the congestion at the only available school.

“If we can find spaces in between such structures, to construct schools, it will help, since some kids must walk six miles and over to access the only public basic school there, for me it is punishment.

“We see this in the rural areas many years back, now that we are in the 21st century, how can this happen at Adjei-Kojo,” he lamented.

The Tema West MP said, “I will indulge you the Presiding Member, to make the Assembly work out a scheme to see how we can intersperse schools within Adjei-Kojo catchment area.

“It is the biggest electoral area within the Tema West Municipality cum constituency that the Assembly has to pay attention to, and I am prepared to assist in any way to let that community see some development.”

The MP said the Old Lashibi School which was also the only public school in the Lashibi community had a lot of challenges and encroachment on its lands.

Mr Ahenkorah said when he conceived the idea of: “One School, One Canteen,” project, the school was the first beneficiary adding however that even though the canteen project was completed and ready to be used it was not serving its intended purpose.

He explained that the school’s authority instead of allowing the pupils to dine in the canteen, had turned it into a place of learning with the excuse of not having enough classroom blocks.

“The project is completed but instead of using it for its intended purpose, the school authorities are claiming that they do not have enough space and so they pushed the kids inside there.

“As it is now, they have taken some of their desks in there and are being run as a classroom,” he stated.

He said he does not however blame the school authorities for that move as some classroom projects for the school had stalled, and therefore urged the Assembly to see how best they could help accommodate the pupils in that school.

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