Two Policemen in Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital, are in trouble after they were nabbed by the law enforcement agents for collecting bribes from people that are desperately trying to get enlisted into the Police Service.

Commissioner of Police, Alhaji Hamidu Mahama, Director General, Human Resource Development, Ghana Police Service, made the disclosure to DAILY GUIDE in an interview.

Though he declined to mention the names of the two officers for security reasons, he hinted that one of them was an Inspector with the other being a Constable.

Commissioner of Police, Alhaji Mahama said the two police officers are currently in police custody assisting in investigations, noting that they were arrested even before the police recruitment exercise in Kumasi got underway on Monday.

Still on some illegalities that have characterized the recruitment exercise, he said four civilians that also posed as agents by collecting bribes from applicants to help them get enlisted into the service have also been arrested.

He added that like the two police officers, the four civilians were also in police custody assisting in investigations, stressing that anyone who would be caught trying to solicit monies from applicants would not be spared.

Commissioner of Police, Alhaji Mahama and other top police officers from the Police Human Resource Department in Accra are currently in Kumasi for a one week recruitment exercise to enlist new officers.

He further noted that 16,000 people from across the country applied to get enlisted into the police service, announcing that out of the large number; only 4,000 people would be enlisted into the service.

According to him, 7,000 out of the 16,000 applicants would take part in the Kumasi recruitment exercise, noting that the remaining 9,000 applicants would try their luck in other recruitment exercises at Koforidua and Accra later on.

Commissioner of Police Alhaji Mahama said those taking part in the recruitment exercise should fall between the ages of 18 to 32 years and they should be JHS leavers or other higher certificate holders.

He narrated that the applicants would at first be taken through body screening where their heights and other vital information would be taken after which they would write exams.

Alhaji Mahama indicated that the police service was in need of drivers, dispatch riders, tailors, seamstress and other staff to manage its communication department hence the recruitment exercise.

According to him, those that would eventually be enlisted would be taken through six months of training after which they would come out to assist the service in providing adequate security to make the impending national elections an incident free affair.

He disclosed that few of the Kumasi applicants have been detected for committing crimes such as impersonation and they would be dealt with according to the laws of the land.

Source Daily Guide Ghana



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