He started writing songs way back in 2008, he’s been working on his first album from then till whenever it’s ready for both Africa and global market.


The name TXT Is the acronym of TOTAL XQUISIT TUNES, the name might not ring a bell in the ears of many Ghanaians but he’s exposed to different kinds of records and each one of them has influenced his music and craft through out the years. He has collaborated with Chemphe, Akwaboah, Syn from Dark Suburb, et al. TXT believes in perfection, so no matter who he works with, if there is the need for change he’ll go for it.

He’s signed to his own label (Xquisit Records), it will interest you to know it’s just a small company which will become the back bone of this industry with time, look out for XQUISIT RECORDS. He knows what he wants as an artist so he’s putting in all the necessary measures important to perk up his brand.

In his line of work, he has come across a lot of old musicians who gave him great advice and directions on how to go about his career. He also believes as an artist you should make a good living out of your works, but the story is totally different per his definition, because he knows how far each song should go, so it’s almost impossible for him to release his works out when he doesn’t have that strong team to push it that far, so he believes with time , money and God he will sail through the storm. Till all this coming together, he’s not putting out any record yet, If it has to be done it has to be done well.

According to the rapper, he doesn’t have any competition. Reason been that no one thinks like him, what he says on a record isn’t same as others are doing. Even though other artists are working tirelessly, doesn’t guarantee how good or how far they are going with their craft. Some are talented and others are gifted , his is a mixture of both . The young rapper also thinks the industry is doing well compared to previous years but can still do better.

Already he has grown his fanbase and they have been very supportive from inception, they know what he’s made of with the kind of original music he records. His fans should expect quality music and world class standard, in terms of production and everything, they should expect transformational music, educative and inspiring and real bangers. Are there any future collaborations? Yes, he’s got some surprises up in his sleeves, very surprising collabos, one thing to spot about him is, he believes in talent too, so if he can get what he wants from you and you’re not even anywhere close to stardom, he’ll still work with the fellow because the end product is what’s important.

Expect power packed hit songs piled up for your music consumption. For the mean time he’s about releasing a song titled BANGER!!!.

Written by : John Claude Tamakloe.



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