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TY Mix

TY Mix Is a notable producer who has contributed immensely to the success of some major artistes in Nigeria. His magical touche endears him to many music punters. The humble, agile and industrious producer stands out amidst his contemporaries especially when it comes to doing what he knows how to do best which is music production. He has worked with virtually all the major artistes both in Nigeria and Diaspora. In this interview with ISAAC OGUNTOYE the talented cool dude who is part of the foremost Reality TV Show, Project Fame spoke on his grass to grace story.
TY mix is a big producer in the industry and you?ve been there for over a decade now. What will you say is the secret of your relevancy?
I really can?t place my hand on one particular thing but I believe some of us started this business based on passion. I?m passionate about music. I still feel excited about music as I was 10 years ago so, I think that?s one of the things that kept me up to this point. And obviously, God?s mercy.
That moment when you feel very low on this profession,what is the driving force that keeps you going?
Just like everything in life that has its high and low moments, so is music. I had my ups and down but like I said earlier, this is one of the things that gives me joy. So my reward is not only monetary. Music keeps me in the right state of mind even during my lowest times, music is still that thing that brings me up.
When music lovers listen to your beats, they wonder what you were thinking of while making the beats. What usually comes to your mind while making your beats?
It could be anything. It could be the conversation I had with the artiste in terms of direction. It could be my environment or probably the way I feel at that moment. Anything can inspire my production. It?s never one thing.
It?s always different things at different times.
They say, artistes are the most difficult people to work with. How do you handle the difficult ones in terms of educating them on how to go about their music?
While working with an artiste; there is something that unifies you which is creativity- the process of creating music. And once you guys have that understanding, there is less friction because you guys are working towards the same goal.
No doubt Nigerian music has improved tremendously but some say we are losing that our African touch. How are you making sure that the African touch remains relevant?
Music is a reflection of the society.
It?s a reflection of our culture. It?s a reflection of who we are. And if you are in a particular environment, some of the things you have as inspiration are things that happen around you.
So, it?s easy to be able to maintain originality especially if you live here, you see what happens here, every now and again. We also have a listening audience that likes originality. People like to listen to songs that reflect our culture either in terms of the beat or rhythm, even in terms of the message that is being passed across.
So for me, I?m just sensitive to my environment. I?m sensitive to what I know people want to hear. But sometimes people don?t know what they want until you serve it to them.
How long does it take you to produce one beat?
It?s very easy. I?ve produce a beat in an hour before. I?ve produced beats in 45 minute before. And I?ve done one which took me five hours and sometimes 10 hours. It varies.
Which of the beats can you pinpoint as your fastest production so far ?
Maybe ?Ki ni Big deal?. Although it wasn?t as if it was fast because we were in the studio for over seven to eight hours and I wasn?t just comfortable with what we were doing at that time. I had done several samples and ideas of beats but it didn?t just click. So, Naeto C and I left the studio and as soon as we came back to the studio after 30 to 45 minute, I had at least eight bars of ?Ki ni big deal? ready.
Recently, you launched your own record label. Why did it take you this long?
Yes, I just launched my record label and the name of my record label is VIVACE Records. I don?t believe there is a wrong timing for anything. It depends on when you feel you?re ready. I just feel I?m ready for it now. I feel I?m well equipped, I understand the industry better and I know how things work.
Why did you launch the record label with a Project Fame ex-contestant?
Well, the truth is that, it?s on Project Fame that I have seen the highest number of talented individuals, that?s the truth. It?s just like marriage?if you want to marry, you marry someone around you. So, these are the people I?ve seen over the years. It?s not as if I?ve not seen other people but, I?ve seen these ones and I?ve watched them grow. So, it could have been anybody.
How do you feel when you see raw talent yet to be discovered?
To be honest with you, that was one of the major reason I decided to start up a label because I see lots of talents every day. To me, they are helpless because for you to succeed in the industry, you need more than talent. So, that?s one of the reasons why I decided to start up a record label.
How did you feel when you were first called to be one of the judges on Project Fame and do you envisage it will last this long?
The way Project Fame started, I knew it was going to be a force to be reckoned with because the production quality was on point, the content is also on point, and it was not just about the show, Project Fame is that platform that invests in lives? either you win or not, there is something you are leaving with. We don?t have music schools in Nigeria. Even the ones we have are not affordable. So, Project Fame is where you come to learn how to do things properly in terms of vocal lessons.
What will you consider as your greatest fear in life?
The fear of not succeeding. Then again, I?ve grown to overcome my fears. Now, I don?t even have a choice, I have to succeed.
Is there any point in your career when you felt like quitting this profession maybe because of a particular challenge?
There was no time that I felt like quitting They say life is not a bed of roses as there must be challenges.
Which of the challenges is the toughest one?
There have always been challenges but because I?m driven by passion not money or what my environment dictates, it has helped me to overcome most of the challenges.
Your happiest moment on this job?
This is one of my happiest moment-? a moment when you do something and it?s being appreciated.

*This was published in the Daily Times dated Tuesday, December 30, 2014

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