A phone user reads a message from his phone. Poor quality service delivery is frustrating subscribers. PHOTO BY FAISWAIL KASIRYE.

The Uganda Communication Commission will next month hold a meeting with telecom executives to among other things discuss the increasingly deteriorating service quality, according to Eng Godfrey Mutabazi the UCC executive director.

The meeting will mainly focus on the failures registered in the mobile money service, ambiguous charges, service interruptions and network failures.

Speaking to Daily Monitor on the sidelines of the launch of UCC’s 2nd Annual Communications Innovation Award on Friday, Eng Mutabazi, said growing challenges in the telecom sector have impacted heavily on telecommunications, inconveniencing customers and businesses.

The awards aim to recognise stakeholders who have made a positive contribution to the growth of the telecommunications sector.

Eng Mutabazi said: “Telecoms have grown their subscription but have not cared to grow their capacity so as not to interrupt customer services.”

The call comes at a time when services offered by telecoms are deemed unsatisfactory and unreliable. Customers have on several occasions complained of poor service quality coupled with unrealistic charges and credit deductions.
Increased traffic during last year’s festive season saw some telecom networks completely collapse with many customers failing to access services.

A case in point is how mobile money customers using different networks failed to transact for several days, a situation that has continued even in this year.
Eng Mutabazi said the growth in customer numbers must be matched with growth in technology, service points and human resource.

He said: “Unless telecoms work on expanding their capacity to meet the growing subscriber numbers, communication might in the near future become worse.”
Commenting on the matter, Mr Themba Khumalo said: “Although am not aware of the meeting, it is a welcome measure that will help telecoms devise ways of improving service delivery.

By Flavia Nalubega, Daily Monitor

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