UCF Re-emphasizes Importance of June 4th To Mark 44th Anniversary

Ghana, NDC and UCF flags
Ghana, NDC and UCF flags

The Volta Regional Secretariate of the United Cadres Front (UCF) has re-emphasized the spirit and importance of the June 4, 1979 military revolution, ahead of the commemoration of the 44th anniversary of the historic event on Sunday, June. 4, 2023.

A statement signed by the Volta regional Chairman of the UFC, Samuel Kwame Adabla and copied to the media said:

“On this special occasion of the June 4th uprising commemoration, the United Cadres Front (UCF) Volta, wishes to reiterate the importance of this day in our currentdemocratic dispensation – The struggle for a better Ghana started and dated way back before independence in 1957.

Many heroes and brave men willingly gave up their personal freedom, families and even their lives to win that struggle. The bloods of the brave-hearted forebearers were shed as if they are of no significance, yet the many that came after them remained not deterred – Their intrinsic firm resolve to see Ghana work was their inspiration to endure all manner of persecution without retreat. Several attempts were made at achieving those dreams and though some failed in their quest, others pursued it to a successful end.

The statement added that Ghana was heading back to the ditch as in the dark days with corruption engulfing every institution and even to the presidency of the nation as evident in the numerous daily scandals that continue to plague the country.

“There is a sharp decline in regards to the rule of law. Independent institutions are now being interfered with and controlled by elements in government. There is no more social justice and equity as the poor are made poorer and a few closer to power are made richer by deliberate bad governance policies.”

The statement observed that “discipline has fallen to its lowest across all age groups and patriotism has been thrown to the dogs – Partisan politics
has overshadowed our sense of patriotism and is now the fastest way of amassing personal wealth instead of serving the people.”

The statement commended all the gallant men and women who stood up for mother Ghana amidst the quagmire of corruption, nepotism and injustice leading to the Revolution and worked hard to intill and imbibe into the citizenry the values of probity, accountability and transparency which were the tenets of the revolution.

Read full statement here

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