The United Cadres’ Front (UCF) have been listening with suppressed indignation, attacks on the person of former President Jerry John Rawlings at the least opportunity, especially on the Citi-FM broadcast platform, “The Big Issue”, by Sydney Casely Hayford.

Over the years he has maintained that posture which is his right – but we will not sit and watch him insult the man who ushered in the new democratic dispensation in which he finds his voice to insult.

On August 2, 2017, without any provocation Mr. Hayford, jumped on the former President, labelling him a “coupist”. As stated in the opening paragraph, it is not his first time of such unwarranted attacks on him anytime an opportunity avails him (Mr. hayford), and we think this kind of arrogance and hate for H.E Jerry John Rawlings ought to stop.

This man has the penchant in calling the National Democratic Congress (NDC) names several times over on platform, to the extent that he sometimes uses the insulting adjective “STUPID” on functionaries and members of the NDC.

During the programme in comment, reference was made to the allegations levelled against two deputy Chiefs of Staff at the Presidency by the musician A-Plus. But the ‘know it all’ man said he believes the man was referring to the former government of the NDC staff and not the NPP government of the Nana Akufo Addo.

We see this as an unpardonable insult and wish to convey this message to him, that if he hates the NDC, the only thing he can do is the effusions he is used to making – you CANNOT do anything to the Party and its functionaries.

This holier than thou guy and his cohorts in their so-called anti-corruption entity called “Occupy Ghana (we don’t know when Ghana was empty?)”, were in this country when 20 million US Dollars was doled out for the [email protected] celebration which could not be properly accounted for, to the state. He/they, were in this country when Ghana Telecom was given away to Vodafon in a very bizarre manner, in order to pay Public/Civil sector workers salary. That is the competent NPP, his Party which could not manage a state owned enterprise but to sell it out. 5,000 dollars was allegedly given to their side of Parliament to influence their vote for the give-away sale transaction.

Mr. Hayford, and his fellow men and women of piety witnessed the above references, but found it comforting to keep mute over them. At that time there was no need to occupy Ghana?

Coming back to his hatred for former President Jerry John Rawlings, we wish to remind him that he, Sydney Caseley Hayford’s role model, Nana Akufo Addo – now sees J.J. Rawlings the ‘Coupist’ – his MENTOR.

Yes, J.J. Rawlings staged a coup to launch the Revolution that transformed this country leading to the stable democracy he established for us. Like it or not, he has paid his dues to this dear country of ours. If the likes of Sydney would not give him a word of praise, fine – but don’t attempt to run him down because you will not succeed. Whether it suits them or not, Jerry John Rawlings, is the modern day Ghana’s DEMOCRACY.

In that same programme, Mr. Hayford made an emphatic statement (not allegation) that Charlotte Osei had chopped USD200 million. He keeps making such reckless statements and nobody is in taking him to court. We leave this to the judgment and discretion of the EC Chairperson.

It is worth mentioning the media house, Citi-FM which has, with consistency allowed that loose talk by him. We leave the station to its conscience.

Damn the hatred Sydney Hayford, you have no capacity to undo H.E Jerry John Rawlings and the Great NDC. You are not his colleague – he is a former President of Ghana.

Camillus M.T. Sakzeesi
For, and on behalf of the Interim Management Committee
Contact: 0266223333/0248433700

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