Location of Ddwaniro in Kiboga. (Illustration by Brian Ssekamatte)

Location of Ddwaniro in Kiboga. (Illustration by Brian Ssekamatte)

To mark the Heroes Day, Museveni is also expected to award 300 Ugandans with medals.

Frank Tumwebaze, the Minister for the Presidency and Kampala, said: ?These are our national heroes whose great lives and heroic deeds we will be celebrating.

?Ddwaniro was selected to host this year?s Heroes Day because it was the epicenter of the 1981-1986 liberation struggle that ushered in the NRM Government,? he added.

Yet according to Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo, the selection of Ddwaniro is even more significant because it is at this place that Chwa II Kabalega, the Omukama of Bunyoro from 1870 to 1899 and Danieri Basammula -Ekkere Mwanga II, the 31st Kabaka of Buganda, pitched camp to fight colonialism.

?Over the years, the history of Uganda has been determined or shaped by different individuals. They have always tried to defend what is right and to stop what is wrong,? Ofwono said.

The main celebrations are being conducted at Katwe Primary School ground, under the theme ?Our heroes; building blocks for a better Uganda?.

Tumwebaze said the present heroes and those who have sacrificed their lives since the early 1980s triggered Ugandans into reclaiming their lost authority by instituting democratic governance right from the grassroots.

?The practice of electing local councils and committees from the village level upwards is a testimony. It is a foundational block of empowerment to citizens of this great country,? he said.

According to Ofwono, this time, district officials were asked by the Government to forward names of heroes and heroines in their areas to Uganda People?s Defence Forces? MP, Gen. Elly Tumwine, the national chairperson of the Heroes Award Committee.

Medal categories

Centenary Medal (Exemplary Service Order Class I and II) ? awarded to Uganda Police officers and civilians for their dedication and loyalty to the force in commemoration of 100 years of the Police.
Gallantry Star ? given to brave and gallant Police officers

Personal Sacrifice Medal ? for cops who were injured or killed in the line of duty.

Meritorious Service Medal ? for officers who have given Police a good image in the way they conduct their work and the Special Service Medal for Police officers of the reserve force and special Police constables who have distinguished themselves during service.

Distinguished Service Medal ? awarded to Police officers of high ethic and integrity conduct.

David Lumu, The New Vision


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