Ali Nawaz Leghari, 40, killed the two girls and three boys ? aged between three and 13 ? in a village in the southern Sindh province, some 140 miles north of Karachi.

Ugandan security agencies over the weekend launched a crackdown on criminals in the capital Kampala, rescuing dozens of children and women.

Police said 18 women and 94 children of various nationalities were rescued in an operation that took place in a mosque on April 27. Two of the kidnappers were shot dead by security operatives after the alleged criminals injured one of the officers.

Military spokesperson Richard Karemire, told Xinhua in an interview on Monday that the operation will continue to rid the city and surrounding areas of criminals.

“No doubt about that, as long as there are elements bent on breaking the law and order. The commitment of security forces is total in this regard,” Karemire said.

“Security forces professionally and jointly delivered on their mandate to protect the people of Uganda. Let all Ugandans keep vigilant and participate in keeping our country,” he added.

Police said the operation was focused on arresting suspects behind the recent kidnaps for ransom and murders in the central part of the country.

The force said in the April 27 operation, 36 suspects were arrested, 60 rounds of ammunition, one bow and arrows, 23 double edged machetes and a laptop were got from the mosque. Enditem



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