New jails in England and Wales will install toughened glass windows without bars, according to a new plan unveiled Wednesday.

Under the Ministry of Justice plans, new jails will be fitted with toughened glass and air vents. A Prison Service spokesperson said: “Secure, sealed windows with toughened glass and narrow vents will be used in all cells in future prisons.

These windows are difficult to break, making them more effective in stopping prisoners from accessing contraband.” Bars on prison cell windows are used in most jails, including the most modern buildings such as Berwyn, north Wales and Oakwood, Wolverhampton.

The Ministry of Justice has promised to replace old and expensive prison accommodation with 10,000 “modern and safe” spaces. The decision comes as researchers begin a study to examine the impact of a more relaxed and humane prison.

But Leroy Smith, ex-prisoner turned charity worker and author, described the changes as “a pointless gesture”, adding that prisoners need better education and training. “Otherwise nothing is going to change,” he said.



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