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UK: ‘Let’s indifferently harm the innocent, the partial victims, and magically bankrupt a fraction of the smugglers in a Decade’?

Is it an illusion or just another excuse? Excuses hardly add up, may fool some, but can be very insulting to some. We will admit their fractional facts and use it against them, but we will highlight the full facts for those willing to learn. Boris Trump Johnson is copying from the play book of Trump and accelerating a dangerous precedent we under fought when Trump did very similar with Mexico and one or two other south American countries. Processes are vital and we desperately abandon processes, we dangerously hang on to assumptions and claims above evidence? We harm the innocent because we refuse to face the real culprits beyond the smugglers: the corrupt leaders who further abuse the corrupt system of capitalism. We need to abandon or at least adjust Capitalism, embrace a culture of cameras and other anti corruption tools, have special Interpol and world court against corrupt officials than smugglers.

The human smugglers traffic both legitimate and illegitimate refugee claimants, and this is a fact mainstream media and politicians refuse to accept. Feel free to debate the percentage between the two, but a real refugee may not know or even have the options of choosing route. A real refugee in France, know English or have relatives in UK may not care what financial handouts a country offers, they may dream of work and other things. Also people may independently use the same routes without human smugglers and to assume they are liars before giving them a fair chance to present evidence is cruel and arrogant.

The partial victims should not be re-victimized in worse way than the smugglers and corrupt officials did. Even if the few identified routes are met with these indifferent approach, new routes will emerge and will you keep on adding routes, further limiting routes legitimate refugees can use? Then when other countries copy or over copy your indifferent ways, millions of legitimate refugees may suffer. Like the world came together for refugee treaties, we can adjust or modernize refugee claiming and treatment. We should do better than what the Biden administration is under investing in south America, their main refugee problem; the millions you want to spend on Rwanda to do the dirty job for you, can be better challenged to every country in the European Union to match for educative and working opportunities for Africa+, plus culture of body cameras+.

The idea of taking the money from smugglers is a legitimate one you refused where it works and trying it where it won’t work. We argued that by legalizing and regulating drugs, we can treat people and keep the greedy organized gangs from making money and introducing people ( potential customers) to drugs. Portugal is a good example, but the regulating and treatment aspect is even more crucial than legalizing it. Portugal helped tens of thousands get off drugs through decriminalization, but it’s an ignored success. The reason such approach works on drugs and services like prostitution is you become a better competitor for safer and cheaper products and services, plus treatment, so they cannot compete or will barely compete. In the case of immigration smuggling, you are not directly competing by indifferent treatment to partial victims. When you repeatedly block few routes, it affects a fraction of smugglers who may find other routes. It may give false appeasement but you know damn well that people and smugglers will choose other means if you persist. Israel tried it and failed; u.s tried it and it hurt more refugees than smugglers; now UK want us to believe they know magic than the fiction of Shakespear and James Bond, and may lie dozens of smugglers went bankrupt or shifted to smuggling prostitutes? Countries are eager to copy evil, but slow to copy good? Beside Portugal succesful daring move on wide range of drugs, some countries are eager to point out where Canada and others are having lot less challenges on marijuana legalization, then delay what turn out to be a huge blessing to many, especially the sick…

I only hope the marijuana activists and good journalists in UK question your illusions and ask why you are not taking the marijuana money away from gangs through legalization? They will then discover you have corrupt UK officials who are giving hemp and cannabis licenses to few connected ones to make millions around the world , while poor folks get arrested daily. UK allows sales of cannabis seeds as ‘decoration’, then selectively monitor and pursue some in raids and not others? The world is so corrupt, we badly need divine intervention. The mainstream media is sometimes a willing partner in crime, but other times just not blessed to ask tough questions. How many millions is UK ready to spend to directly confront smugglers versus pressure a fraction of their victims, and it trickle-up by what percentage and by when? A fraction of smugglers in France warrant setting such a dangerous precedent, further destroy your human rights records, and gamble how many lives when others copy? The cocaine Boris Johnson reportedly used when he was younger could have destroyed him, but worse is having gangs mix it with other things, and worst is police caging you with cruel criminals and a criminal stamp to deny you even simple working opportunities some refugees may reluctantly accept. Capitalism must give us back our natural rights, stop over commercialization, start taxing robots and rich folks enough to share with the poor, etc. We demand worldwide education access to university level as personal loan over misused country loans. May God bless Showlove Trinity: let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer.

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