UK to Send Around 60 Old Tanks to NATO Base in Germany for Exercises, Operations

Us Nato
Us Nato

The British defense ministry is preparing to transfer about 60 mothballed tanks for exercise and operations in Europe at a NATO military base in Germany, The Telegraph reported.

The UK troops are preparing around 60 Challenger 2 vehicles for exercises at a NATO Forward Holding Base near the city of Paderborn in western Germany, according to the newspaper.

The Telegraph specified that ammunition and supplies at this base are stored in case “NATO is called upon to intervene in eastern Europe.”

“We are investing in our site in Germany which shows we are credible and serious about investing in European security because we aim to be a leader in Nato,” a source in the defense ministry told The Telegraph.

The newspaper added that there are also discussions about building up ammunition at the base to ease logistics if the “English Channel were to become contested.”

At the end of June, NATO leaders agreed on a plan for a significant build-up of the alliance’s forces on the eastern flank by 2023 amid Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. NATO said that it planned to increase the number of high-readiness forces on the eastern flank to more than 300,000 soldiers in the near future, as well as to increase the composition of combat groups to the brigade level. In addition, NATO countries pledged to increase defense spending.

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