United Nations
United Nations

Speaking in Kinshasa during MONUSCO’s weekly briefing, Basse said it is “important that the Constitution is respected.”

United Nations
United Nations
“Calling for dialogue to discuss essential issues is something that I think is logical. But we have said several times that in the discussions that will be held, the interests of the Congolese people should be respected,” he said.

The Congolese people want peace and security and we have always fought everyday to create necessary security conditions so that we can hold free and fair elections,” he continued.

Last year, Kabila called for political dialogue to discuss matters related to the elections. The African Union and MONUSCO have expressed support for the dialogue.

The UN and its partners recently highlighted the importance of the forthcoming elections which, if well conducted, will largely contribute to the consolidation of progress made by DR Congo in the last decade.

“Dialogue is an initiative of the Congolese people, and I think it is not a responsibility of the United Nations. The UN only encourages the Congolese people to come together and discuss issues that affect them,” Basse affirmed.

Source: Xinhua



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