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Is This Your Understanding Of Leadership?


The Joint Socialist Groups has gone through the statement made by Nana Akuffo Addo when he met the Young Executive Forum and has decided to respond appropriately.

As the leader of the largest opposition party, he reserves the political right to state his position on how he sees the situation in the country. Our worry however, is how accurate and genuine he would be stating his position on the state of our nation.
Since the John Mahama administration assumed the rein of government, no effort has been spared to infuse new confidence in the Ghanaian and to restore order in the economy and our governance structure.
With the support of the people the administration has taken some important measures to restructure our economy, and to ensure outright discipline in our governance system. Appointees of the Government no longer can act per their own unacceptable convictions, but follow a well thought out code of ethics.
The President has instituted measures picked from our laws to prevent the unconventional method of taking decisions or implementing them, unlike previously when an Attorney General acted ultra vires by preparing a power of Attorney and ordering that it should be signed and given to a deputy Minister to sell a state property. Contrary to Nana Addo?s position on transformation for the First time in many years we now have and see before us prospects for genuine transformation of Ghana into the great nation in which we all have nothing but pride.
The shattered foundation you and your group left, are being rebuilt and our confidence as people restored.
We are confident that with proper planning, patience and hard work the dark clouds will pass away.
We are building a nation with all the democratic principles working and not a nation in which preferences are given to political giants to buy state properties cheaply or a nation whose Foreign Minister would claim doesn?t support sale of state properties but will supervise over the sale.
Nana Addo, for your information the Mahama administration is determined to build a self-reliant and self-sufficient nation not lacking in certain basic necessities of life, they are determined to improve the living standard of all our people, bearing in mind the special needs of the rural people.
The administration is not fashioned in the one you served which showed outright interest in bettering the lives of the rich and worsening the plight of the poor.
Your failure to accept the defeat inflicted on you which was internationally confirmed, contributed to the initial challenges the administration had but thank God it has gathered the pieces to move on.
Your incessant inciteful political statements always put this nation in a state of deep political tension which do not augur well for national cohesion and development. We hope you will go through your statement and religiously write a full statement apologizing to Ghanaians for putting out statement which doesn?t represent the reality on the ground but just for political expediency.
We believe leadership is basically about influencing your followers to do what they will not be willing to do on their own and therefore think Nana Addo being the former flag bearer of the npp should know such inciting words from him will only push his followers to create confusion during the 2016 elections. Like Dr. kofi? Konadu Apraku said when he was addressing TESCOM members on the KNUST campus recently, ?At the end we need a leader who everyone will look into his eyes and say i want my son to be like this man?. Does Nana addo believe anybody will be proud to see his son utter such words that can create confusion in a nation??? Well, your guess is as good as ours.
To end with, we congratulate Nana Addo for accepting the fact that the NDC won the 2012 elections for the first time since the results were declared by stating that ?their opponents are good at organizing and winning elections? and we urge him to keep on telling his followers such basic truths in order to kill the ?at all cost? and ?all die be die? mentality he has planted in them for the good of mother Ghana, the very country he so much wish to lead.
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