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Uneducated Loretta Nelson Fighting Costly Education In Ghana


Growing up, I personally attended a school which had no walls but produced some of the best learned people in the country, Ghana. Their success has been demonstrated in receiving over 6 presidential awards. Definitely their goals over the years resonated and have yielded lot of results to the founders of that institution and today they have a senior high school and fully furnished classroom blocks. I am talking about Amazing Love Schools in the Volta Region. Ayigbe Edem (Musician) and Giovanni of YFM and ETV Ghana are few of the Celebrities who have gone through same school.
IMG-20150514-WA0006Coming to Accra, I never thought the same situation will present itself especially in these modern times. But a visit to Lorrenel Charity Organisation an educational institution located in Dansoman; Glefefounded bymother of six children, Madam Loretta Nelson; with a student population of 250 students gave me light to the true life story future leaders are writing for themselves.
Motivated by her inability to attend school due to financial challenges in her family, her hope is to see education as a key player in the success of very child in her community.
Through the advocacy of a very close friend, Nathaniel, I decided to visit the school and was shocked at the realities in which our future frontrunners are getting educated.
But one thing I can?t continue to bear is to see these young people go through same experience I went through and even worse. They by all means have to put in extra efforts to match up the competition from other better schools that will definitley produce first class students at ease because of their resources and learning environment.
Quality Education in this context shouldn?t be limited to just to the financially okay citizens or people who can afford. This was one of the many reasons that motivated a woman of substance to become the source of solution to this problem faced by young people.
People are looking for better opportunities in life and we can?t just leave their lives to their fate. In as much as education has helped in the developmental process of our nation, it must not be a lack to the future generation who can?t afford it today.
Madam Loretta has selflessly educated her children in this same facility as two of them are a nurse and banker, one in the university whiles the younger ones are still undergoing studies in same facility.
Madam Loretta Nelsonis among the Unsung Change Makers who are gradually turning the fortunes of this country into what it would be one day.
Her purpose in life is just to give free education to young pupils living in her community. Defying that odd; and motivated to share her story; read below how Loretta Nelson is changing the world in her little way through her spokesperson Francisca Bentil.
Prince: What motivated you to start the school?
Loretta:The High Rate of illiteracy and poverty of people in the coastal areas of Glefe, Chorkor and
Prince: How did you start and how did you get your first students
Loretta:I started under a dilapidated veneer structure and I got my first group pf students by going from house to house to spread the ??good news??.
Prince: What are your plans for the school?
Loretta:My aim is to expand the schools so that it can accommodate and educate five times the students it does now. Also I want to provide a conducive and serene environment for learning for these children.
Prince: What help do you want people to support you with?
Loretta:Financial Aid to provide adequate infrastructure and learning materials such as computers and books.
Prince: How many staffs do you have and what do they take home as salary?
Loretta:Thirteen staffs with salaries ranging between GH?140 and GH?250 cedis.
Prince: How do you raise money to support the staffs and students?
Loretta:The children pay a canteen fee of GH?2.50 and GH?3 cedis and also, we sell the school uniform to them at GH?20 and GH?25 in which we use in cooking for the children and paying the staffs as well.
Amazingly, some students who can?t afford the school uniforms end up getting it for free.
There are 1001 of these stories across the country and the continent. This needs great attention and it will take our little efforts to effect this change we dearly desire.
Thanks to The Sangy Foundation, each of the students will be given Exercise books and Pens to support their education.
I am very sure that success in life can?t be defined without education. Everyone on this soil hasgone through one or any other form of education.
Nathaniel too now dedicates 8 hours of his time daily to teach students ICT and other subjects as a volunteer.


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Source: Akpah Prince and Nathaniel Noye

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