University of Wisconsin Madison


During the course of my day, while I’m responding to job inquiries, I have quite a lot of tasks to do, at my leisure. First thing in the morning, I may have coffee, at Starbucks (One of the few places that are open early) Panera, McDonalds, wherever, then likely visit College Library or one of the other libraries. 

Lately though, these scrawny repugnant librarians, a particularly scrawny one in mind, seem to pay attention to my presence. Now why so? Do they want to help me achieve my goals. No my goals and priorities are not in any way aligned with their goals of giving away everything you have, that will solve the nation’s problems.

They (faculty, low level madison locals, librarians, old people, want to talk to me.) Talk to me so they can belittle my efforts in any way they can, whatever it is. I don’t want to talk to you, I don’t give a shit about you’re baking club, your, fricking bookclub, your walking club, any of it.

Why, because Madison is a third world. Madison tries to make it seem like they’ve suffered through decades of tilling rock, and eking out a living from bare sand. Not so, Wisconsin has had, and continues to have fairly abundant natural resources. A crappy climate for surfing, but in decades past a solid manufacturing base. Its only through gross mismanagement that College library still has these  chairs(don’t even imagine about sitting back and thinking, just stoop forward and do) ……not to mention glare in every direction lighting. Its a grunt University.

Writer : Marc Marion

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