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Unlocking Youth Potentials-2

Mr. Kobby Asmah
Mr. Kobby Asmah
Mr. Kobby Asmah
Mr. Kobby Asmah

Another person who wasn?t probably young but shared with us the 20 years journey of growing his company into a brand that provides printing services to all financial institutions, telecoms, insurance companies and big institutions in Ghana was Mr. Kobby Asmah the CEO and co-founder of Type Printing Press.

Mr. Kobby?s life journey is one that is just inspiring making me know opportunities are here in Ghana and I can also make an impact by starting small and go global as I grow.
Mr. Kobby invited his wife who was then living in the US to come to Ghana so that they could get married but he later got to propose a business idea instead of the marriage proposal and had also gone on to resign his job as well.
Well the journey started some years ago as he narrated. Growing up in Takoradi, he lived with his parents who were teachers where he loved drawing than reading, that a manifestation of his creative gene. At age 14, he became a carpenter and shoemaker hence making money before secondary school. Even not a very good student, his dad supported him throughout his endeavours which enabled him to write his final year exams in lower six form which he passed with distinction to gain admission into KNUST.
In the university, Kobby really turned his creativity into a business during Christmas, valentine and examination periods where he takes contract to inscribe Christmas, love and success messages respectively which were usually written on Paper but now on Woods. This fetched him a lot as it was an innovation in expressing love to someone. After completing KNUST he spent 6 months as teaching assistant in KNUST?without salary only to realise he was supposed to be doing in National Service in Accra. By age 22/23, Kobby started work at Ministry of Education and rose to the position of director at a department where he had a lot at his disposal a Land rover as official car. After 5 years, he resigned to work for an Ngo with the mind-set of having a time to himself but it also never turned that way. He resigned and after some few months Type Printing Press was born with two partners.
Mr. Kobby had then deceived his then Fianc?e turned wife who was living in the US to come to Ghana so they can get married. But upon her arrival, Kobby broke the news to her about his resignation and intentions to start a business with her. Without hesitation, they sought for training as the wife became the typist whiles he goes out to print the work.
On one of such occasions, he happened to receive a contract from Barclays Bank to design and print a brochure, after the design, he was expecting to print about 50,000 because of the calibre of the client but to his surprised was only asked to print 100. That was a disappointment, but they never gave up and after 20 years they work for 20 out of the 26 financial institutions permanently and the other 6 temporary. All the telecoms seek their services together with insurance firms in the country.
As part of his corporate social responsibility, Type Printing Press goes around collecting stories and articles from school children and distributes 10,000 copies of magazines with their writing in it free of charge after printing.
Type Printing Press operates on three principles namely: consistent quality, timely delivery and satisfied customer.
In advising us, he said, we shouldn?t get distracted from what we do especially our success because it can cause fear in us and we must not always be swollen headed because it can kill our dream.
After his talk, we were divided into groups of 20 each where a facilitator including staffs and executives of Barclays Bank and British Council together with the invited young entrepreneurs were attached to each group.
In my group, I happen to learn a lot as most of them were people who have started their own businesses and were looking for funds to grow them.
In our first discussion led by Mr. Frank a staff at the Tema Branch of Barclays led a debate to discuss the following points; who should provide jobs in our communities, three innovative ideas that governments have initiated between the period of 5-10 years, three innovative ideas entrepreneurs have also implemented and names of friends who are entrepreneurs and how they started.? After which we listed about 15 talents/skills that everyone was supposed to identify him/herself to at least one. They were: design, public speaking, organising events, inventing things, arts, drawing and painting, telling stories, listening, acting, sports, singing, dancing, playing instruments, video games, operating machine and advising people.
We were then served with really juicy coconuts and to our surprise the next speaker was a student entrepreneur the CEO of the coconut company that served us.
Adowarim Ama Laurinda is a 20 year old level 200 student of the University of Ghana and CEO of Wazuri a coconut retail company in Ghana. Her story ignited, surprised and kept me in suspense as she shared her it from start to finish. The journey first started with the sales of bags of sachet water on campus with a start-up fund of GH?22 for 15 bags. When people were selling a bag for GH?1.80p, she opted for GH?1.50p making a profit of GH?0.30p per bag as it was retailed to her at GH?1.20p. She got to a point when she now sells 30 bags a week making GH?18 as profit in school. This was the strategy of young Zuri a daughter of a medical doctor to start her enterprise as she took the challenge to register it as a company. Whiles preparing to go home for vacation, the rising money maker was looking for opportunities to venture, which got her into retailing already made Ghanaian shirts which was given to her at GH?50 where she sold out at GH?60 to students and within 2 weeks she had finished selling 6 shirts. Unpredictably she ended up selling another 20 during the vacation but now on a profit of GH?20. With this passion growing in Lugu as referred to by friends with parental ambitions of becoming a medical doctor, Zuri is now an entrepreneur at such a young age as a student owning a 40 acre of coconut plantation farm which produces and distributes over 1000 coconut onto the market every week employing 6 permanent workers and 100 indirect workers.
Her dream is to start processing the other parts of the coconut into Coconut Oil, fuel, pomade etc.
This was how I spent the 28th?of June, 2014 as I am heading to Ablekuma to also host the?YOUTH REPUBLIC LEADERSHIP DAY SUMMIT ?14 today.
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