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Unruly and Irresponsible Adolescent Behavior

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The absence of good parental control and care in homes is gradually creating a behavioral monster for our society. It has become discourteous and absurd, as the social media space is saturated with irresponsible adolescent behavior.

In the country presently, it has become glaringly clear as more and more teenagers and young adults (the so-called youth) are much inclined in acting disrespectfully toward adults. A disheartening development that irks have surfaced that must be dealt with, before it gets better of each of us. It speaks to the disorderly and disruptive adults not amenable to discipline and control, parading as social commentators.

The notion that the youth must respect their elders seems no longer existing or has completely cease to exist, and what has replaced this attitude is a sense of disobedience, noncompliance and rudeness ready to undermine the country’s sovereignty under guise of free speech.

Some contributors to this unfolding trend include, the lack of discipline from parents, the mimicking of friends’ attitudes toward adults and how social media and irresponsible journalism, human rights groups, portrays disrespectful teenagers and youth as being hipsters.

It could be easily stated that, one of the causes for irresponsible adolescent behavior is the lack of good parental control. Some parents are not able to have full control over their children. They are therefore not able to give the children any good direction in life.

As society we have to be worried about peer influence groupings. This phenomenon need immediate action and must be addressed urgently. Most people do not take serious note of the downward trend or the lingering consequences. It should be noted that upend causes are oftentimes disturbing, creating irresponsible conditions which is usually influenced through peers. Most of these teenagers and young adults are very good at copying what their friends do.

They get involved smoking because their friends smoke. They drink because their friends drink. They do things only because their friends are also doing it. This attitude of being copy-cats lures them into irresponsible and damning adolescent behavior.

The problem confronting people, is how to handle and deal with such menace – this irresponsible adolescent behavior from the social media. It includes, but not limited to, television, radio and the internet. The content of these mediums of mass media may not be good for the consumption of the teenagers. The aspects of these mass media outlets exhibit violence, prostitution, drug abuse, fighting, killing that negatively influence the young boys and girls.

Another reasonable cause worth perusing, which most of the time is glossed over is admonition and counseling. The need for counseling and admonition deserve every attention and must dealt with decisively. Most elderly people are reluctant giving adolescents good counsel because of impropriety conduct that these young people exhibit.

The setback is that, the lack of guidance and counseling for adolescents are left with nobody to guide them. So, the behavior they put up is the kind that they think is fit. Therefore, in the absence of counsel or someone to give meaning and direction to their lives, they become incorrigibly and irresponsible.

Another factor that also needs to be looked at, is poor socialization. This opinion is worth looking at. Society must have an understanding that, if the adolescents are poorly socialized it creates a new direction in life. A child that is not properly organized in a way that is acceptable to society they become rude and disrespectful.

Delinquent and deviant children tend not to like to come under the control of an authority. Most of them easily falls delinquents because control over their shoulders are lacking.

Experience in life teach that, when lack of knowledge and proper education is absent, it inevitably creates vacuum that leads to inappropriate behavior that the society has to bear the brunt. Making inference from recent events, it could be seen from the video of Ejura incident – children below age 15 years, could be seen running after a retreating Police vehicle holding stones and other implements.

The worry every open minded people should be wary of, then, it’s those parading out there, purporting to be security experts, putting out false and uninformed spin, with shaded opinion on internal security operations, which are inconsistent and incorrect, because their views are based on faulty understanding about the military’s role. And to the “Misters Know All” – the advice to these political pawns is simple, they may be caught up in a state of perplexity and may realize it would be too late to redeem what they sowed.

“The United Nations defines youth as persons between the ages of 15 and 24 with all UN statistics based on this range, the UN states education as a source for these statistics. The UN also recognizes that this varies without prejudice to other age groups listed by member states such as 18–30”.

In concluding, the question to ask, if the adolescent is privy to the consequences of their deviant behaviors, shouldn’t we believe they would never engage in them.

Definitely, the lack of parental guidance and education about the outcome of the things they do leads them to engage in them.

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