Jossy’s Mind Alive Girls Foundation
Jossy’s Mind Alive Girls Foundation

The “Jossy’s Mind Alive Girls Foundation” which seek to empower the girl child to achieve greater heights both academically and socially have been launched with a call on girls to believe in themselves and concentrate on their dreams.

The formation of the foundation according to the Young Director, Ms Jossy Stephens was born out of an experience she encountered with a rich man in the Nation’s capital after her course in a film school.

She narrated, “the old man promised to help me secure a job once I lived with him in his house and help me accomplish my dreams…. a week after I moved into his house, the old man started making sexual advances at me, months passed without him succeeding and I saw how he invited girls sometimes below my age every night to warm his bed.

“One late afternoon, as I was under the shower, I heard him encouraging his daughter at the university, Lisa I love you as a father and I know what is best for you do not enter any stupid love relationship now”.

Ms Stephens said the conversation between the Rich man and his daughter revealed to her how low level of education, lack of financial support and loss of identity and low self-esteem could make girls stoop so low.

She said the “Minds Alive Foundation” was therefore to encourage women to believe in themselves and brave all the obstacles in reaching their highest level of success.

The Young Executive added that the foundation aimed at raising women who would not allow their periods of difficulty break them but rather build them into becoming the best they could.



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