Upholding Unity: A Collective Duty for NPP Affiliates


As members of the NPP, our foremost responsibility is to safeguard the party’s unity above personal interests. The cohesive strength of the NPP is the bedrock of its success. Any divergence from this commitment risks sowing seeds of apathy, which, if left unchecked, could propel the party into opposition.

We must prioritize the undiluted unity of the NPP, recognizing that internal discord weakens our collective stance. Apathy among the ranks diminishes the party’s appeal to the electorate, jeopardizing our chances in elections.

Let us remember that our duty extends beyond individual aspirations; it is a duty to the party, its principles, and the people we aim to serve. Only through a united front can we ensure the NPP’s continued success and effective governance. It is in our hands to fortify the party’s foundation, ensuring a resilient and unyielding future.

Thank you.

The writer is an NPP Parliamentary Aspirant for Mpohor.

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