UPSA: Lecturers and Staff with SMC Are Good

The University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) Management has full confidence in their staff who obtained their qualifications from Swiss Management Centre (SMC) University, Switzerland.


A statement issued by the UPSA and copied to the Ghana News Agency on Monday said the SMC, which is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programmes (ACBSP), a global Programme accrediting body recognised by Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

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It said UPSA shall continue to encourage them to contribute their best and continue to stand tall in the midst of the uninformed malignment, often spurred out of envy and mischief.

It said the UPSA urges all those on the Programme to continue to focus and complete their hard earned credible degrees.

It recounted that in 2008 the UPSA saw the urgent need to develop both the capacity and capabilities of its existing staff without undermining the continuity, stability and decorum of the labour force at the time.

It said the University as a forward looking and progressive institution recognises the need to break out of the outdated tendencies of sponsoring its staff on traditional three-four years residential programmes.

It takes staff away from the job at a time when it could not employ new staff and needs continuity while still developing new academic credentials needed to reposition the university.

It noted that recognising the need to innovate and re-invent itself, and based on its values of integrity, respect and service, the University embraces the new trajectory of acquiring higher knowledge while contributing to the service of the institution.

It said long before the world adopted the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of ‘’ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all’’ (SDG 4), the UPSA saw the need to embrace life-long Learning, change and technology offered a unique opportunity for the university to resolve the paradox of developing it staff credentials, while allowing for continuity of their services.

It said to deploy the lifelong learning staff development strategy, the University seeks online and blended learning institutions that are credible and could provide value for money, within the flexibility required by the University.

“One of the institutions that the University stumbled upon was the Swiss Management Centre University. However, as an institution that has hemmed its values on Scholarship with Professionalism, the university saw the need for due diligence before settling on an institution and endorsing it for its staff,” it said.

It said the University therefore, sought verification on the credibility of SMC first from the National Accreditation Board (NAB), the institution mandated to establish equivalences and the credibility of academic institutions in a letter dated April 18, 2008 on the subject cross-checking the credibility of SMC.

It said in a response to the request in a letter-dated May 27, 2008, the NAB confirmed the credibility of the SMC.

“The University did not end there but continued to seek clarification from the Swiss Embassy in Accra in a letter-dated April 18, 2008,” it said.

It said the Response from the Swiss Embassy in a letter dated May 23, 2008, indicated the SMC is a credible institution in Switzerland and accredited by four different institutions including the European Council for Business Education (ECBE), the Central and East European Management Development Association, the Swiss Multimedia Association and the Swiss Federation for Adult learning.

Adding that information on this institution could be found at Swiss management centre/accreditation membership, which the UPSA did verified.

The statement said based on the initiative and due diligence of UPSA, many more (about 47) other well-meaning Ghanaians have gone through the rigour and have obtained doctoral degrees with a completion time of (4.79 years), while others took five to seven years to complete their doctoral Programme with SMC.

It said out of this number six were from the UPSA alone, whereas others have still not completed their programme with SMC after five years.

The statement explained that learning is no longer confined to the traditional brick-and mortar classroom setting but takes place throughout life and in a range of situations.

It added that technology had changed the way we live and do things in the 21st Century, and it did not leave learning and education behind.

“Yet as usual, many who cannot adapt to change insist that education should be stuck in the old order of things and expect all to be tied to this system of inertia.

“As technology rapidly changes, individuals must adapt and learn to meet changing demands of work and professional life,” it stated.

Source: GNA/News Ghana

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