UPSA VC Allegedly Ignores Court, Develops Land At Mpehuasem

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Management of the University of Professional Studies (UPSA) led by its Vice Chancellor Professor Abednego Feehi Okoe Amartey, has earnestly developing a parcel of land situated at Mpehuasem in the Adenta Municipality; which ownership is being contested in Court.

This paper has established that, a Writ against the UPSA is still pending in Court over the illegal takeover of the said property by the school.

However, the school authorities who have been duly served with the Court Writ have blatantly failed wait for the final determination of the Court on the matter, continues to develop the land without any orders from the court.
The property land owner, who sued the school,
according to our information had given a different parcel of land to the school management since he would be using the land in contention for a particular project, but Vice Chancellor Professor Abednego Feehi Okoe Amartey refused the offer and is bent on taking over the land at all cost.

The 1.34 Acre land belongs to a Ghanaian business mogul acquired the land from lawful owners and secured an indenture which was made between Nii Torgbor Obodaifio, Head and Lawful Representative of the La-Shanshie family of Mpehuasem, as the vendor and Michael Amenigye as the purchaser dated the 1st day of September, 1995.

The indenture, LVB.16322/1999 and a deed of conveyance (Indenture) dated 17th April, 2005, was also made between Michael Amenigye as Vendor and Daniel Mckorley, (Plaintiff) as purchaser and stamped as LVB 9897/2006.

The owner who took possession of the land soon after the said acquisition from Michael Amenigye erected a fence wall at the various sides of the land and remained in possession without any objection until the year 2020.

In 2020, this paper gathered that the Vice Chancellor of UPSA, Professor Abednego Feehi Okoe Amartey mounted signpost/signage on the land claiming the school acquired the land from the Numo Nmashie family,” the Statement said.
Even though Professor Abednego was made aware of the true ownership of the land, he ignored all documents of ownership and brought his workmen onto the land with earth moving heavy duty equipment to clear the land and to develop it under the protection of Machomen suspected to be landguards.

Information is that, UPSA is constructing a high-rise Hostel facility on the said land.
According to the owner, he has two separate residential properties located at both sides of the land in contention; (the said land in between) and that if the said hostel is constructed on the land, it will be a breach of his privacy since students who would be occupying the hostel will be looking directly into his houses which for him is a breach of privacy.

The landowner, said in order to prevent that from happening, he had a gentleman interaction with the Vice Chancellor of the UPSA and offered a differed parcel of land for the school to be used for the hostel but the Vice Chancellor turned his offer down, and yet continues to develop the land which does not in any way belong to the school.

A visit to the site revealed workers earnestly and adamantly working on the land.

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