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Urgent Call for Mental Health Assessment of EC Chairperson – Bright Botchway

Bright Botchway
Bright Botchway

The Electoral Commission (EC) is facing heightened scrutiny as concerns grow regarding the competence and decision-making of its chairperson, sparking intense conversations about the necessity of mental health evaluations for key figures in electoral positions.

Bright Botchway, a prominent voice in the political sphere and the current National Deputy Coordinator of the Traders and Artisans Network (NDC), recently expressed deep concerns about the leadership at the EC during his media engagement at Ngleshie Amanfrom in Greater Accra . His primary contention revolves around the chairperson’s persistent reluctance to heed advice or acknowledge faults, even when evident missteps lead to glaring failures. This unwavering resistance to counsel and apparent dismissal of acknowledged errors signal underlying issues demanding immediate attention.

Recent adjustments in the count of polling stations during assembly elections have left observers bewildered. Botchway aptly described these changes as “mind-boggling,” highlighting the inherent risks associated with such abrupt alterations made without adequate stakeholder engagement. These sudden changes, lacking proper consultation, pose a significant threat to the orderly conduct of elections, potentially undermining the entire credibility of the electoral process.

Botchway’s concerns regarding the actions and statements of the EC chairperson are profound. His impassioned plea for a comprehensive assessment of the chairperson’s well-being aims at fostering transparency and accountability in upholding the integrity of electoral procedures.

The urgency of Botchway’s proposal gains further gravity from unfolding events. Reports from various constituencies in the Eastern and Ashanti regions indicate disruptions and delays in the voting process. Notably, the EC’s decision not to apply ink on voters after casting their votes in Akweley adds another layer to the growing dissatisfaction with the EC’s operational efficiency, Botchway remarked.

Highlighting a hypothetical scenario, Botchway raised concerns about the potential consequences if such ineptitude were to mar a crucial national election day. The revelation of inadequate preparations contradicts prior assurances of seamless readiness by the EC chairperson, raising profound concerns about the competence and transparency of the EC’s operations.

The palpable dissatisfaction among Ghanaians with the current administration’s handling of electoral matters is apparent. Citizens are encouraged to prepare and vote against what they perceive as an incompetent government.

The need for immediate corrective action is unequivocal. The call for a mental health assessment goes beyond demanding accountability; it is an urgent plea to safeguard the core principles of democracy. The outcome of this assessment could significantly impact public confidence in the electoral process, ensuring that those steering the EC possess the necessary capabilities to fulfill their duties effectively and responsibly.

Botchway further expressed that the recent decision by the EC not to apply ink on voters post-voting is likely to worsen existing issues and potentially create chaos. Acknowledging these mounting missteps is crucial for the chairperson, as continued mismanagement of electoral affairs raises serious doubts about her capacity to lead effectively for the upcoming 2024 elections.

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