Urging a Time based Need


The Urging that may Save You or others From Earthly Hell, May help You Enter Heaven:

Urging! Is where the ‘poor’ can earn like or more than the rich, in God’s world? Urging is so special that the Koran (Recitation) states ‘ some people will Go to hell for not Urging for the feeding of the poor.’ I see that as a sign where poor and feeding may seem significant, but where Urging may be the most paramount aspect. Not everyone can feed the poor, but everyone can urge for their feeding. So if you feed ten people, you still have the responsibility to urge and if you do to influence someone to feed hundred, thousand, or million people, then the ten may seem small. Similarly, not everyone can buy cameras, but everyone can urge for a culture of cameras and you may be guilty, but are you willing to repent? Including camera Urging in the Koran would have confused how many? Urge the government to invest or make policies to encourage culture of cameras; urge companies and rich folks beyond your family on the importance of cameras for self and as charity to others. Cameras can deter the earthly hell called robbery and other ills. Whereas humans can barely gauge if you deter twenty to fifty percent of criminals, it counts in the sight of the capable Lord of Mizghalazaratin (atom’s weight). Beside deterrence, cameras can help solve crimes and you can urge for fine sharing. A media house that never had multiple editorials or special hours on the need for culture of cameras may need education, but social media give us the opportunity to work like or better than average journalists. So do your part, urge journalists, politicians, families, friends, etc to invest in different types of cameras, including body cameras. Make educative ‘tick -talk’ videos for tik-tok and beyond. Public space demands public policing, including cameras…

Buy and urge Smartly : Cameras are evolving and the most expensive ones may not necessarily be the best, but the cheapest are also hardly good. I will recommend one 360 degree to four highly visible cameras for deterrence, but you should urge your neighbours to do similar. Yes, visible cameras may deter some criminals , but other criminals may plan to enter and take along your recordings, unless they see your neighbours cameras may help expose them. Beside the visible cameras, buy one to eight least visible cameras as extra security and in case someone tries to evade the main ones.

Once your neighborhood is highly known for cameras, you will be safer, but you should help other neighbourhoods and countries, at least through mighty Urging.

If you partake in Urging the u.s to shift about ten percent of its defence and offence budget to cameras for civilians or it’s subsidies, you will not help just Americans, but others may copy or learn towards a much safer world. The evolution of cameras will mean changing and passing the old ones to the poor? Rather than u.s giving billions of weapons to Ukraine, Israel, or Egypt, it must eventually include cameras. Yes government should have cameras, but I actually believe civilians should have the most cameras. Once you have the Bernie Sanders and others see the good, they will bravely call for it and presidential and other candidates will make campaign promises on cameras, like we force them on cannabis… If the u.s , U.K, or xyz starts fine sharing policy on cameras that help solve crimes, all the money worshipping Africans+ in the Diaspora will buy body cameras . Diasporan Africans will also then start Urging African governments to do similar. Once the Gambia, Ghana, Senegal, or xyz have such laws or policies, how many cameras will catch a litterer and eventually make which countries cleaner than Rwanda? The God of Urging and Science is helping us with cameras and ideas to clean our character on sins between creatures, but the hypocritical religious leaders and questionable cultural folks may disdain cameras?

You can always focus on the good it may achieve, or where it have limitations. You can argue corrupt police will destroy donated cameras, or say some will keep and civilians cameras can do better job than complaining and police.

Availability vs affordability: Whereas both are important, Availability is more important. In countries like the Gambia, home or office CCTV are increasingly available, but slightly above what average Gambians can afford. Recently they have also started ordering solar cameras. Body cameras, modern car cameras , and other smaller cameras are not even available in the Gambia’s main shops, partly because it is mostly illiterates or non tech oriented literates that are in such business ordering. Gambians in the Diaspora are in clothes and other copying businesses we barely need, compare to cameras. Many of them do not have them or even send cameras to their immediate family members, let alone to friends and as charity or business opportunities. Government can at least occasionally waive taxes and smartly urge people. If the minister of interior worked with the finance minister closely, they can smartly announce ‘ to reduce crime, we are waiving or reducing taxes on all cameras for six or xyz months’ . This will trigger debate that will remind people they have a part to invest for security, trigger business folks to order big before tax holiday expires, etc. Or you can say anyone who buys cameras between xyz dates , that is installed in the Gambia in a verifiable location , we will give back the taxes or five percent of the value/receipt. Again, a spin off may include people sending money for cameras, while you may raise your dollars or other foreign currencies in hand.

Phone Cameras vs body cameras: Whereas even the western world are yet to embrace enough culture of cameras , Africans must know we should learn to pioneer, not just copy late. Branding out your phone to record police or criminals can be slightly dangerous, but body cameras are much quicker and safer. The moment you will missed before you pull out your phone may be very vital, from education, entertainment, to investigation and credibility aspects. Both the prices and features are evolving, so help raise the culture or future.

A culture of cameras is an inevitable reality that the best of people are just pushing for, but the cowards cannot delay it forever. Social media is largely good and can get better with stronger culture of cameras. The recording of one person may be doubted, but where three to twelve have body cameras, broadcasting live on Facebook or xyz; the different angles will help. If you understand it is a need, will help In many aspects, and you want to be part of the solution, then buy or at least urge.

Like every good, bad folks will fight it with excuses. Florida claiming recording abusive cops is a crime or may put them in danger is bullshit. We can use the courts and a body cameras ‘accidentally ‘ recording cops cannot be prosecuted. Some will argue privacy, but let privacy be in your private places; public places demand public responsibility, including gathering facts… The same Largely Republicans+ who claim to be tough on crime cannot see how cameras can fight real crimes or sins between creatures?

The Gambia is relatively safer than most countries, but that does not mean we do not have safety issues or rising crimes we should tackle. Regardless of what cowardly complaining Gambians may paint the Gambia as, I can certainly defend this statement on world stage, before the Lord of the universe. My concern is actually how the so called good Gambians, the journalists, and government officials ignore simple measures we can apply to be safer and be pioneers of good for others to learn. Although we may be poor, a big percentage of Gambian women+ own few clothes that a worth over hundred dollars each, many over spend on praise singers, marabouts, etc, so they can afford cameras and update to pass on to the poor, as many do with clothes. There is a huge difference between complaining and Urging with specific solutions. Almost Every Gambian can urge a richer relative in or outside the Gambia for cameras, for our contribution to safety, and government will do their part… Some relatives in the Diaspora may actually be asking you what do you want me to bring you ? Please include cameras and body cameras this year, or you have no right to complain about rising crimes… Certain things are primarily the responsibility of citizens, government have a secondary role. Urge your relatives first, then urge government differently. I have already mentioned tax breaks and others you can echo. If our/your minister of Interior cannot think, then urge him/her to sponsor a law that mandates all commercial vehicles to have cameras. Again, I have more confidence for Ghanian or Senegalese journalists to build on a good idea, to invite multiple rich folks and convince them to order countless varieties of cameras for voluntary buying; strongly urge the IGP, minister of interior, etc beyond editorials and interviews that will have social media boiling; then when Ghana, Senegal, or xyz apply something good, then Gambians may claim ‘Barrow is sleeping, why can’t we do like xyz…’. The commercial world is the world government should police lot more and we all see most robberies and rape cases were taxi related in the Gambia. The spin off will be better driving, especially if we have fine sharing for more cameras and private folks indirect pressure…

Urging happens to be one of the sub branches of ‘And Exhort each other to Truth…’ in ch.103 , thus a Religious duty that many Gambians failed upon or may blame the rightful for Urging? When a great idea comes from God, the primary receiver will happily receive it, gladly or fear to spread it; when people receive the same idea through humans, they tend to further divide. It may take a while, patience, but no one can stop the good God will realize beyond the Gambia. May God realize and speed up our victories towards achievements upon achievements, in this world and life after death. May God bless Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer.

Optional note:
‘Protect yourself and your family from the earthly hell called Robbery…’

Make some balance videos: show a beautiful compound with many vehicles and no visible cameras. The robber enters and found weak Grannies, one fell down due to fear and die, another one got sick after due to fear; or if you are brutal, let the robber punch one of the Grannies. The opposite house can be less beautiful, but have cameras that eventually helped solve the crime. The police who are obsessed with punishment over charge the robbers, charging them first degree murders and how many often sin with the state on charges? The families of the victims or so called victims ignored cameras they can surely afford to support Iqra or make reasonable efforts? Show one of them over spending on lawyer fees, another can now afford a flight ticket in the name of care, sponsor the now sick granny , and blame anyone who ‘under empathise ‘ or advise they should have not only bought cameras, but donate cameras to poorer folks?

Another tick-talk video: An African from the Diaspora donating cameras to poor media houses for the free news In gratitude; donating to a Mosque to reduce shoes and equipment stealing; donating cameras to poor neighbors and community party places where teenagers gather to protect them from predators… May God save the responsive, not just those who urge, and bless them beyond protection. Then show another one from the Diaspora who lavishly give only clothes as gift, mock cameras as gift, look down on marijuana Activist, etc then got into an accident and got hurt or die. Show him or her blaming the government for corruption or issuing licences to bad drivers, etc.

Show a journalist who eagerly condemns the government or echo those who complain and condemn than those who urge? A civilian body camera caught him or her littering or driving badly to cause an accident. Or should we spare the journalists, pastors, and IMAMS who fought against marijuana and refuse even editorials and special hours for medical marijuana? After the legalisation of cannabis, we want all governments and so called good people to focus on reducing sins between creatures and encourage good to great deeds…

Show an African minister of interior in a comedy: A Saudi or Chinese billionaire offering five million body cameras as charity or research test for safety… the Interior minister insisting pick up trucks for police or MPs is better and later claiming police cannot be everywhere. Or is there one African interior minister who submitted enough cameras in a budget; urge cameras donation from states or billionaires; or Repeatedly! urged citizens to buy cameras to improve security?

Optional note 2:

Camera evolution means good research before you buy. Motion detection recording is nice, but some now have human detection to reduce alerts through dogs and others. Artificial intelligence is now in the camera world and doing good. Spend few hours to research the best for your money, I want my readers to be ahead… I will avoid naming stores/websites because some editors may refuse the whole article then.

You may have negative family members or friends who may discourage the benefits of cameras. A person claims someone caught a thief on camera and the Gambian police refused to charge him. Again, some things are more effective when many people embrace it. The laws may also need to be updated and police educated. The person’s camera caught the person entering the house, not exactly stealing… So good police can charge him unlawful entering and investigate the stealing aspect… A neighbour’s camera seeing him with xyz product from the compound is evidence, but a phone in a pocket need pressure oriented investigations.
Efforts was missing from the police, but the victim and/or narrator also need education like: If a camera caught your child entering a house and the owner claims a billion dollar was stolen, how should we charge and investigate? Beside the police, you can use social media to shame such and thieves will avoid your compound…

‘And proclaim the blessings of your Lord’. God once saved me from arrest and possible death through cameras, in Canada. I bought home cameras when perhaps less than five percent of westerners had them, to protect myself from street criminals and God then protected me from the criminals in uniform, or police. To cut the story short, the Canadian police came to unnecessarily arrest me over a traffic ticket, but the probable reason was to intimidate me or eliminate the activist? Censorship is alive in the west. Once I saw the police on camera, I refused to open the door and act like I was sleeping or out; then early in the next morning, I went to pay the ticket and automatically remove the minor arrest warrant. Part of The video evidence is on my youtube channel and you can see the police officer’s hands on his gun even before seeing me and could have shot me and claim I was reaching to my pockets? God may give you the Protection you seek and help you in ways you never expected…

Make a video of your first lady, minister of women’s affairs, prominent feminists spending on many things, but not cameras for female+ protection. Then they complain, complain, complain, and want us to gamble people over claims than evidence? Show them ignoring the echoing of cameras or refusing a proposal towards cameras…

Fame and financial opportunity: I once saw a vulture fight off a dog over meat, and the dog ran away. Slow mind or hands cannot use phone on interesting short videos. With body cameras, such videos can go viral and may make you money, or help educate people and God may pay more than money. Narrating requires ability from the narrator and imagination from the receiver; a picture or video ‘may say thousand words’, or save thousand people…

Make a video Urging a rich neighbour to buy cameras or poor neighbor to pay on instalments. Conflict means refusal, then bluntly tell your neighbours we should co-protect each other. Tell the objectors, if my camera catch a thief who visits you, I will not share it unless you buy ten great camera sets and give it to me for charity…

Make a video of a woman spending on praise singers, juju, etc, while another woman buys body cameras for her children. Then many foreigners from Bissau or xyz buying cameras from the Gambia or xyz… add what you deem fit, just conscientiously. Ch.55 ‘Can the reward of good be anything but good ‘? So Urging for culture of cameras may give you earthly boost, but may also earn you thousands to billions of points on positive mizghalazaratin (atom’s weight). We must actively fight the liars and cruel ones, as we should fight back disbelievers+ who attack us.

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