US Borrowed Jonathan?s Magic Wand To Fight Ebola


US based activist, Mr. Sam Itauma has said that he was delighted to see the President of United State of American, President Barack Obama asking the Nigeria President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan lend his magic wand used in fighting Ebola to a standstill. Itauma bared his mind in an exclusive TV interview with Allovices International on Friday. He said President Jonathan did not relent in effort in combating the dreaded disease which has swooped on thousands of lives in Africa.

Jonathan and Obama in a handshakeHe stated that Western world, including the United did not treat the disease with the seriousness it deserved at the initial stage until the disease started finding its way into the United States and other developed countries. He wondered why Nigerians, including the press did not give Jonathan credit for his swift action in tackling the dreaded disease.

?When Ebola surfaced in Nigeria, President Jonathan stepped forward and said I am going to stop this disease, and he did so within two weeks; while other African countries were losing thousands of lives due to the disease. The US now said, ok Jonathan we want to borrow your template to fight Ebola. I think Nigerians should commend Jonathan for this singular gesture. If we must criticize, we must also make commendation where necessary? Itauma argued.

The charity worker called on Nigerians to reward President Jonathan?s good work with massive votes on Saturday?s presidential election. He said within four years as elected president, Goodluck Jonathan has revolutionized the country with good road network, bringing in fast train to better the country?s transportation system, agricultural and industrial changes, with the groundnut pyramid returning back to the Northern part of the country after fifty years in limbo, building new universities and revamping old structures, building hospitals; and schools for almaljiri – street children and beggars.

Itauma reiterated his support for the Akwa Ibom Peoples? Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Mr. Udom Emmanuel and called on the people of the state to rally around him in order to maintain a continuous transformation in the oil rich state. He described Udom as a long standing financial manager whose past experience in the national and international market will facilitate democratic dividends in the state. He said if elected, Udom will capitalize on the existing infrastructures renaissance brought about by Governor Akpabio?s administration to make Akwa Ibom an enviable state.

?In my state, Udom Emmanuel is the candidate I am urging the people to support. For one, Udom is not a politician who will dilly dally with decision making, he is not a bureaucrat who will sit on important decisions or files and stall development. Rather, he is a financial manager whose records and profile are quite intimidating and alluring.? He stated


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