US NAVY SEALS OSAMAU.S. Military officials says on Wednesday January 25th,2012 , the Navy SEAL team flew into Mogadishuduring the night via a helicopter and rescued an American and a Danish hostage while killing 9 pirates. A U.S. official says the SEAL team that rescued the two hostages was the same unit that killed Osama bin Laden.

U.S. President Barack Obama referred to the mission during his State of the Union address before congress on Tuesday night. As he entered the House chamber in the U.S. Capitol, he pointed at Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in the crowd and said, “Good job tonight.”

They mean business if you ask me!



U.S. military forces flew into Somalia in a nighttime helicopter raid Wednesday, freed an American and a Danish hostage, and killed nine pirates in a mission President Barack Obama appeared to reference before his State of the Union speech, officials and a pirate source said.

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