US vs China in the tiny country of Djibouti


The tiny country of Djibouti sitting at the strategically critical
entrance from the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea is quickly turning into?the latest confrontation between the USA and China in Africa.

Djibouti, home to the only US permanent military presence in Africa,?has recently notified the American military that they have to vacate?Obock, a small secondary base which will see the installation of some?10,000 Chinese troops in their place.

The announcement, made the day after US Secretary of State John Kerry?visited Djibouti last May is deeply worrying for Pax Americana for it?comes on top of a major package of economic investments by China that?has Djiboutian President Guelleh openly talking about the importance
of his new friends from Asia.

China is about to complete a $3 billion railroad from the capital of?Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Africa?s second largest country to Djibouti,?Ethiopia?s only outlet to the sea. China is also investing $400?million in modernizing Djibouti?s notoriously undersized port, where?for the past 17 years (since the Ethiopians tried and failed to take?Eritrea?s port of Assab during Ethiopia?s war against Eritrea from?1998-2000) Ethiopia has been forced to import 90% of its fuel and food

The US military pays Djibouti $63 million a year for the use of Camp?Lemonnier, home to 4,000 US troops and one of the worlds largest drone?bases used to terrorize the populations of Yemen and Somalia. This is?a pittance really, when compared to the hundred$ of million$ a year
that the Chinese investments will bring into Djiboutian government?coffers.

The fact that 10,000 Chinese troops are being installed next door to?such a critical US military base is causing powerful members of the US?Congress to suddenly discover that Djibouti, long a de facto province?of Ethiopia, is a ?major violator of human rights?, dangerously??undemocratic?, and that it is time for ?regime change? in the tiny?country of about half a million people, long one of the poorest and
most repressive on the planet.

So don’t be suprised if we wake up one morning and find that in the?name of ?democracy? there has been a military coup in Djibouti and?that the Chinese, like what they are experiencing in South Sudan, find?themselves with the short end of the stick when it comes to their?rivalry with the USA in Africa.

Source: Thomas C. Mountain is an independent journalist, living and reporting?from Eritrea since 2006. He can be reached at thomascmountain at gmail dot com

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