Cringe: Vanessa looks increbily embarassed as her top pings open just as she enters the sea

Vanessa Hudgens is taking it all off. The former High School Musical star was photographed topless on the beaches of Hawaii, and looked to be enjoying herself. It seems Zac Efron’s ex-girlfriend is all grown up, and not shy about showing off her body.

Hudgens frolicked in the sand as she covered her chest with her hands. (No tan lines for her!) Vanessa has always had a bit of a wild side to her. During her teen years, the actress had nude photos of herself leaked online. (Maybe she should think about keeping her clothes on!)

Just in the nick of time! Vanessa tries to discreetly cover up to avoid flashing photographers

However, she then tried to clean up her image. Recently, Vanessa started dating actor Austin Butler, and the couple have been spotted all over the globe engaging in some serious PDA. (They may be giving Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez a run for their money!)

Fixing up: Vanessa Hudgens ducks under her sun shade to reassemble her bikini

It seems that Vanessa Hudgens is tired of her Disney image, and has decided to be herself, which is a woman coming into her own. Unfortunately, the 20-something actress may have to take some backlash from fans, and media, while doing so.

By Amanda Lynne, Gather



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