Premiering at 3:30pm on Sunday August 18, 2013 ? and running every Sunday on Viasat One television, the highly anticipated comedy series, MULTIKOLOURED, focuses on four main characters: A mystical Principal of a fictional Senior High School in Accra; Ashong- a supernaturally gifted student who prefers to use his talent to rid people of their belongings; Jeff Hammond- the newest classmate, who has one too many questions to ask in an attempt to discover himself and the world around him; and the ill-health Mr. Bantus (Henry Hardin AKA Papa Nii of the popular Taxi Driver fame), who loses portions of his memory almost anytime he collapses, especially on hearing a loud sound or gets overly excited.

With the notion that good students are often negatively influenced by bad ones when mixed together, this mystical Principal- who?s feared by all and usually unseen but very present, decides to gather students whom he perceive bad, dumb and weird from various classes to form a new class known as the MULTIKOLOURED Class. And in this class our hilarious story is set.

Written and Directed by Mike Siaw Fordjour for Digital Gate Productions, this easy-flowing casual story is your typical, raw class in a school headed by the most mystical principal ever to grace the Ghanaian education system.

MultiKoloured is packed with creatively over-exaggerated themes and humorous scenes from the Classroom to the Staff Common Room and is expected to make an ecstatic Sunday viewing.


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