wpid-NDC-supporters1.jpgI remember telling my readers some months back that the NPP had a hidden agenda when they rushed to the Supreme Court (SC) armed with the debatable 11,916 pinks sheets, claiming the sheets have irregularities that cost Nana Akufo-Addo the much needed victory in the 2012 Presidential Election.

I, also remember stressing that of all the pink sheets that the NPP sent to the SC, there was not a single sheet from any polling station that Akufo-Addo won. In fact all the pinks sheets that the NPP gathered and submitted in their affidavits were only from polling stations that President Mahama won.

If you are smart enough, you would be tempted to ask why there was not a single mistake committed by any of the polling agents in the filling out of the pink results sheet in all the polling stations that Nana Akufo-Addo won. Four months back, I seriously questioned this and boldly stated that there were several instances that presiding officers made similar mistakes in the filing out of the pink sheets in polling stations where Nana Akufo-Addo won, but because the NPP wanted to play mischievous they deliberately picked only the polling stations where President Mahama won.

I, therefore, knew that in the on-going Supreme Court petition on the election result that issue was going to pop up at a point in time. But I did not anticipate that it was going to come sooner.

In his cross-examination of Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, the NPP evidence in chief, at the SC on Tuesday May 7, Mr Tsatsu Tsikata tactfully waylaid Bawumia who has been playing ?Dr Evasive? since the petition hearing begun about three weeks ago.

Mr Tsikata pointedly asked Dr Bawumia if he was willing to allow other irregularities that may be found outside the evidence that the NPP have presented to the SC to be annulled. Without thinking through the question and its overall effect on the on-going case, Bawumia gleefully agreed.

Immediately, a pile of pink sheets were thrust into the hands of Bawumia for examination and questioning by Tsatsu. That was when the NPP lead counsel; Philip Addison realized the terrible mistake that Bawumia has committed. He shot up and did all the pleadings but he was overruled.

Addison did not give up with his pleadings with the justices not to allow Tsatsu to question Bawumia on any pink sheets that fall outside the scope of the evidence that the NPP have presented to the SC. The justices accommodated Addison?s plea and came back from recess to overrule his objection for the second time.

Addison, whose fighting spirit is that of a panther, again raised serious objections which led the justices to confer on what to do. Later when the justices could not reach agreement, they went into chambers and spent close to one hour only for them to emerge and overrule Addison?s objection and give their stunning ruling in support of the NDC.

The president of the panel, Justice Atuguba stated emphatically that, ?So far as the question objected to, seeks compositely to portray that there are other pinks sheets with malpractices of the kind in respect of which the witness has testified that they should be annulled, the objection is over ruled. However, beyond such composite question, the questioning cannot be allowed in such as much the third respondent?s turn to testify along this line is yet to come.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the NPP folks were overruled three times. Three times the SC justices told them No, No and No. I am not a lawyer but what I know is that, a challenge to a ruling of a competent court of law not by way of a review or appeal would normally constitute contempt of that court. Therefore, once that order or ruling has been made by the court, it is expected that all parties and counsels abide by that ruling. Failure to do that constitutes contempt of court. I believe that the NPP lead counsel, Addison may have escaped being charged by the justices.

That was a stunning victory for the NDC who are now permitted to show to the court the diabolical plan hatched by the NPP to deny millions of voters in NDC strongholds their votes they cast in favour of President Mahama. It will also permit the NDC to show to the justices and Ghanaians the same irregularities that happened in polling stations won by Akufo-Addo but for political expediency the NPP have hidden it from Ghanaians.

The battle now begins and with the swords drawn Ghanaians would know the true intensions of the NPP and Nana Akufo-Addo. This is no child’s play and by the time the pieces settle Akufo-Addo will be stripped for Ghanaians to know who he really is.

This victory handed to the NDC will even make the NPP case crumble very fast since the justices who know what they are about may be forced to conclude that what is good for the goose is equally good for the gander. You cannot ask the justices to throw the votes in someone?s stronghold and leave yours intact. That amounts to fraud if you go that route.

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