Video: Chantelle Asante says she has resorted to ‘trotro’ due to fuel price hikes


TV producer and co-host of Celebrity Fanzone, Chantelle Asante has revealed that she now prefers to use ‘trotro’ as her means of transportation as a result of the increasing fuel prices in the country.

The government has failed to abolish the Special Petroleum Tax despite calls by Ghanaians including the TUC to reduce fuel prices in the country.

Chantelle Asante, who spends close to 400 cedis to fill her car tank, has resorted to trotro in her bid to offset the increasing cost of buying fuel in Ghana.

She made this known last Saturday on the Celebrity Fanzone show on GH One TV.

“I literally am watching my journeys and where I am going. If it is necessary or unnecessary; can I take a trotro or an Uber. That’s what I am doing now. This is absolutely ridiculous. My car it takes 400 cedis to fill it and it takes a week to ten days…And if I calculate, when I use a trotro, in a month, I am paying about 125 cedis. It is an inconvenience,” the beautiful presenter stated.

She however charged the government to listen to the plight of Ghanaians and do something about the fuel price hikes, which is taking a considerable toll on a lot of Ghanaians.

Watch video below:


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